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ShadowSea: Rise of the Draconids


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Submitted mine last week, he's confirmed it should ship in a couple of weeks depending on stock/casting


Softcover ShadowSea Rulebook
Hlotl Gate Smasher

Amatzl Temple Guardian
Chimalma – Legendary Adventuress
Quetzali – Mistress of the Stygian Depths
Amoxtli – Protector of Relics
Zaniah - Axibalan Outlaw Queen


DeepWars softcover color rulebook
Fortune Hunter Warband Starter Set
Silent Soldier
Medical Officer


Cephalid Siren



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So if there was anyone who wanted to get in on this but missed out or didn't have it in the budget before it ended, there is a "Pitch In" pledge manager set up which can be found in the Updates section of this kickstarter or by going to Antimatter Games' website. It will be open until October 30th and has its own set of stretch goals set up for it, the first of which has already been unlocked!


The rather large image for the stretch goals is behind this spoiler button.





Glaurond the Black wants to come home with me  :wub:  but he needs $2000 more to be unlocked  :down:


Don't you want to help Glaurond go to a good home?


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Here's one more regret!


Got mine today! Woo hoo!


(now to hide it from the husband.... no.. I've always had those...)

For my wife, I just go with "the money was spent a long time ago. You know how those Kickstarters can be."   :rolleyes:


I actually started to use this excuse yesterday when my Reaper Halloween order showed up. It didn't help that I showed her the promotion. :down:  :blush:

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Part of the problem is he doesn't know how many Kickstarters I have backed. I think now that his job situation settled down he will be less anxious about money. He's been on this kick that we haven't been saving enough.


I'm pushing him to prove what would be 'enough'. (So he doesn't come down so hard on my budget! :lol:)




Looking at the minis, I am so very glad I backed. They are beautiful, and make fine candidates should I ever try to competition paint again. 

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