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Time to get these things behind glass

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So, there was a recent kickster that sold a display stand that fit on the Detolf display cabinet (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10119206/) . I had a little cash to work with, but alas, the stands cost as much as the cabinets. I picked up one of the Detolf cabinets last week, and then went about building my own display stands out of craft wood from the Home Depot. A coat of dark brown spray paint, and this is what I ended up with:




Here's a closeup of the stand:





I might build one more stand for the third shelf, and put the bigger pieces on the bottom. It's becoming clear that I will eventually need a second cabinet.


The cabinet is only $65 and IIRC, the wood for the shelves only came to about $15 each. You could probably do better if you tried.

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You could always use clear plexiglass pillars holding up a clear plexiglass or lexan plate/shelf so that you can divide up each shelf into miltiple ones.   You could even vary thier sizes to allow for smaller minis behind large ones on half/quarter shelves.

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You're right. I haven't increased the area, just makes them more visible from the front. Since the stands go nearly all the way to the top, I don't see a need for creating any more effective shelves. You have to crouch down to see the lower shelf, or kneel to see the bottom shelf as it is- cramming in any more would cause them to overlap. 

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