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I bought some of Tim Holtz's gears and compass coins over the weekend at Michael's.


Compass Coins: http://goo.gl/z2hwDi

Gears: http://goo.gl/uoukMX


The Plan: I will add a compass coin to the middle of the base amidst the steel plating from the Happy Seppuku stamp. Then top it with a gear and a nail through the two down into the wood. Gear will be free to turn. Then using the smaller gears I will add two matching gears to the front two shields and two matching gears to the back two shields. A fifth gear matching the front or back styles will be damaged and placed on the floor near Wyrmgear. The shiny "unweathered" replacement gear will be on Wyrmgear.


I might use a matching sized boring bit from my drill to create a space for the gears on the shields. That will allow me to inset the gears a bit.


Be on the look out for a graphic depicting the above.

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Those gears are perfect, great find! I already started sculpting my own gears for a base, but if something goes wrong I might try an off-the-shelf option.

Holtz's website has a ton of gears and other oddments re: steampunk.




And they are sold on Amazon. Here's a search for his Gear products.

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I spent a little effort on my mockup adding the gears and compass to it.


Not quite the correct perspective for each but the gist is there.




According to my Delivery Status, my Happy Seppuku stamps should be at the house now.


*rubs hands together* Excellent.

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Okay, Test One... begin.


I have a set of cookie cutters that are hex shaped.  The largest of which make a hex that doesn't quite make it to the edges of my WoldStand Display Base.


So I rolled out some Sculpey and after a couple of tries with varies levels of softness and pressure, I managed to get the diamond plate pattern from my Happy Seppuku stamp onto the service.


Because the stamp is smaller than the hex in question I stamped the hex twice.  Using the edge to create a seam.


After getting what I wanted I fired the Sculpey.



Here's the raw piece after cooking ...  the speckles are from a "granite" Sculpey kit I got as a present.





Then during paint day I primed it ...





Then I did some painting to see what effects I could create like spilled oil or rust.


Basecoats and Washes ...





And then some details ...






The whole stamping thing on Sculpey was a pain.  You can see where I missed getting some detail from the stamp.


So while not the finished piece, I figured I could try it out and see what it takes to make it look nice.


More photos after dinner.


Stay tuned.

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