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Imbrian Arts: Blacksands Orc

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Wow. I love this mini, it's the one that initially pulled me into the Imbrian Arts Kickstarter. And your paint job is fantastic Adrift! Like others I love the skin tone, and those trophe skulls look great too. The gem is perfect. Also, thanks for listing the paints you used; much appreciated!

Thank you! I intentionally wanted the elf head to look like he'd had his nose broken pre-mortem, and wanted each of the heads to have their own level of coloration so that they appeared varied in the amount of time they'd been severed from their respective bodies.

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Great work on a great sculpt. I really love the muted nature of the skin tone and the metal and leather stuff is nice.


My main criticism would be that the metal skull really jumps out with the high values and warmer colors. It dominates an otherwise interesting paint job and distracts my eye a bit much. And the handle thingies sticking out of it are a bit too close to the skin tone and seem to fade into the chest a bit.


Nit-picking, though. Very nice work as usual!

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Good call Cash! The skull is such a dominant piece of the sculpt that I had some choices to make with respect to what to do with it. I decided to showcase it bc I figured that he'd be wearing it specifically to stand out! Maybe it's too much of my role-play brain messing with my art....

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Maybe it's too much of my role-play brain messing with my art....

I hear that. One of the things I've been struggling with is balancing the idea I'm shooting for thematically against the realities of a cohesive paint job.


People loved my gravedigger, who I painted with a very strict and limited OSL for a reason...but it's also the main complaint I got about him.

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The sculpt kinda showcases that skull too.  He is standing there going "HEY CHECK OUT MY SWEET BELT BUCKLE"


Yup! It's funny bc when I backed the KS he was one of my absolute favorites right off the bat, then I got him and was like, "whoa, the skull is huge!' I wouldn't change anything about him at this point! Maybe I'll get another one...

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      These minis were completed August 4th 2020
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