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Mierce Darklands: New Kindreds


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Érainn, Jutes and Ysians








It's Friday yet again... where on earth does the time go?

This week we have:

  • sculpt work in progress updates from Aragorn MarksJuan Navarro Pérez and Valentin Zak;

an updated list of sculptors and sculpts for this project;

the latest snippet of the Darklands: First Edition rules;

news of where you can download the current QuickStarter RulesMuster Rules andKindred Musters from the Mierce Miniatures website;

...and anything else you can expect from us over the next few months.

Here we go...


This week it's Érainn (Valentin Zak), Jutes (Aragorn Marks) and Ysians (Juan Navarro Pérez)! Woot!


The Men of Clochar are just about complete - well, the first five, anyway. The two alternates will be a bit of a longer wait...


The banner bearer, Dara, is particularly characterful...




We love that stern face!


The first warrior, Brian, is a bit mental.




With a skip and a hop and a jump, he'll chop your head off!


The last of the warriors, Colm, is a bit calmer than Brian - but you still wouldn't spill his pint.




The Men of Clochar should make it into Wave 7!


The mighty Aragorn Marks of Third Man Studios has begun work on the first ever Jute miniature from Mierce Miniatures... Gol Gul, the Barrow Spider! It's early days, but you can see it's going to be fantastic...




We're so excited, we almost wet ourselves. Wave 7, here Gol Gul comes...


The first alternate unit warriors - for the Axes of Carn Maen - are here, too, thanks to the awesome Juan Navarro Pérez (who originally sculpted the Ax-Drunes of course).


First up it's Drano, converted from the banner bearer, Branok...



He's looking great!


Dinorg has been converted from the herald, Canan! His bottom axe needs removing but he's getting there...



These two guys will definitely make it into Wave 7!

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Three Days to Grab the Hosts!


We've had a few issues with our website's server, and so we extended the deadline for removing the Miniature CombinationsHost Combinations and Other Kindred Hosts from the Mierce Miniatures website to Monday, April the 6th... but that's only three days away!

We've postponed this for a couple of months (they were originally due to be removed in January) thanks to many requests, but it has to be done at some point - and that point is now.

So, in a nutshell:

  • Miniature Combinations, Host Combinations, Other Kindred Infantry and Monstrous Infantry Hosts will be removed from the Mierce Miniatures website at midnight (GMT) on the 6th of April, which is only around three days away!

What's being removed?

The following items will be removed from the website:

  • COMBINATIONS: All the Alternate Generals, All the More Alternate Generals, All the Alternate Commanders, All the More Alternate Commanders, All the Alternate Sorcerers, All the Extra Infantry Warriors, All the More Extra Infantry Warriors, All the Alternate Monstrous Commanders, All the More Alternate Monstrous Commanders, All the Extra Monstrous Infantry Warriors, All the More Extra Monstrous Infantry Warriors
  • HOST COMBINATIONS: Any Three Infantry Starter Hosts, Any Three Monstrous Infantry Starter Hosts, Any Eleven Infantry Starter Hosts, Any Eleven Monstrous Infantry Starter Hosts
  • ALBAINN: Gairlom Infantry Host, Oghurithne Monstrous Infantry Host
  • ANGELCYNN: Gesith Infantry Host, Duguth Infantry Host, Armoured HrÅr Werwulf Monstrous Infantry Host, Armoured Cearl Werwulf Infantry Host
  • BRYTHONIAID: Teulu Infantry Host, Dyndraig Monstrous Infantry Host, Dynwocor Monstrous Infantry Host
  • BYZANTII: Legionary Infantry Host, Dromedus Monstrous Infantry Host
  • FOMORAIC: Gabrax Infantry Host, Warriors of Baalor Infantry Host, Tarvax Monstrous Infantry Host, Srónax Monstrous Infantry Host
  • INFERNII: Fiend Monstrous Infantry Host
  • KHTHONES: Gorgonar Monstrous Infantry Host, Gorgórar Monstrous Infantry Host, Krokodar Monstrous Infantry Host
  • NORSE: Holumann Infantry Host, Trolls with Two Weapons Monstrous Infantry Host, Hrafnmann Monstrous Infantry Host
  • YSIANS: Ax-Drune Infantry Host, Sword-Melusine Infantry Host, Brute Monstrous Infantry Host, Alternate Abhorrent Monstrous Infantry Host, Abhorrents with Two Weapons Monstrous Infantry Host, Abhorrents with Great Weapons Monstrous Infantry Host
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Tidbit from Rob about the rules



The rules will be downloadable shortly in full, although diagrams, graphics and fluff aren't done yet. As for "no more Darklands until the book is done"... you'll understand more when this project goes live.


And also an announcement of a next KSer next week.


Very limited on funds but I think I'll need to see if I can get this guy here 



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Interesting choice. Seems they've been struggling with resin costs, there was some talk in the KS comments about it a day or two ago. Seems odd to me, but I know almost nothing about it. I know I've had a few more defects (both my skyclad Itainas have miscast faces) and maybe they're shaken up by a month delay from their one guy getting sick?


It's an odd world when Trollcast is rising in production and Mierce is backing off...

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