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Black Diamond Starter Box - Leopold Magnus, Static, M8, Diamond Corps


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Here comes Black Diamond to save the day... if you've got enough cash, that is.  These models are from Soda Pop Miniatures game Relic Knights.




This is the contents of a Black Diamond Starter Box.  I was in the Kickstarter so I have a lot more than these, but somehow it happened that the starter box items were first.


First up, we have Leopold Magnus and Static.  Static was posted earlier here.  Magnus is EVIL, in case you didn't pick that up from the model.  He's the boss of the cadre, and tougher than all the rest of these guys put together.  I had a hard time getting smooth blends on the cloak (and eventually said "good enough"), but I probably just need to use more intermediate colors.  I couldn't figure out how to shade the body, so I did edge highlights only.


post-8582-0-66562400-1407629448_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-52577300-1407629449_thumb.jpg


Next are the Diamond Corps.  These are the run-of-mill minions.  They pack a good punch, but can die to a sneeze.  The main thing I'm unhappy about is how long it took me to paint them.  I probably spent over 20 hours on them total, which is way longer than I felt they deserved.  This is the first full unit of something I've painted.  I tried to make them fairly boring overall, since they're not the stars of the game.


post-8582-0-07959900-1407629446_thumb.jpg   post-8582-0-71860200-1407629447_thumb.jpg


Last up is the M8 Blitz Tank.  It's a Chee, which are a race of sentient robots.  He's been posted previously as well.




The purple bases are standard for Relic Knights, and the base inserts are also from SPM.

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