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Doctrine Starter Box - Very Quick Paint Job


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This is the Doctrine Starter Box from Soda Pop Miniatures game Relic Knights.  Not much to show, really.  I assembled these guys so that my Black Diamond would have somebody to shoot at.  Palomino Gold bases because Doctrine uses yellow (creation) esper.  Primed white then washed with Secret Weapon Sepia wash.  Something funny happened with the wash on Ekhis and the male Novitiate, but I'm not inclined to spend any time fixing it.




Delphyne (red riding hood) and Ekhis (big bad wolf) are the Knight and Cypher combo for this cadre.  Ekhis doesn't properly fit on his 40mm base, so he got a cork extension.  The big golems are Librarians (the starter box actually only comes with one), and the other humans are a squad of Noviates.

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