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Werewolf show that aired on Fox. Great writing (ok, good world building, cheesy writing). Absolute bargain basement effects. The werewolves actually looked good...until you realized that the costume's mouths couldn't move.


That was actually just called Werewolf.
Heh. I actually meant to put quotes on the name and forgot. I used to have a VHS tape of 8 or so episodes. I hate this has never been released on DVD, I'ld like to re-experience the cheesy goodness in high definition. I suppose I could probably find them all on YouTube. Here's the pilot: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tKx1EQ4OGRg
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 Tales of the Gold Monkey rocked.  Anybody ever watched The Man From Atlantis, starring Patrick Duffy in a speedo? lol I used to practice swimming like that.


 For movies, there's a few favorites... Battle Beyond the Stars, Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn, and ... damn... There's another really bad 3D movie, something about a serpent crown... AHA! Treasure of the Four Crowns! :bday:

The last two are the absolute epitome of bad old-school 3D tripe. If you haven't seen them, go subject yourself to them now. (Interestingly enough, Treasure of the Four Crowns has a score by Ennio Morricone.)

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I loved this show most of you have probably never heard of: "E.R."


See, it starred George Clooney ...


... as a super young intern, the nephew of head nurse Conchata Ferrell. It also starred Elliott Gould. It was from 1985 and it was a comedy.


It was really funny and touching, but it got canceled because it couldn't compete with "The A-Team." Grr.


I get a kick of telling people about this show they've probably never heard of, "E.R." which starred George Clooney (although to be fair he was only a minor character).

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"Werewolf." Was that the show that had Chuck Connors in it?

"Man From Atlantis." It irked the hell out of me when they cancelled that show... but it was already straying into serious Irwin Allen territory when it died, durnit.

Apparently, I saw "Battle Beyond The Stars" at exactly the right point in my development. I liked it. Particularly Sybil Danning in the spandex outfit held on largely by surface tension and prayer. Saw it on TV years later, and marveled at how I'd once thought it was a good movie.

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2) I used to watch a ridiculous cartoon called Clutch Cargo. The same animation outfit that made it also made a Space Patrol / Solar System navy cartoon. Most ships had crews of 3-5 people. The protagonists had an all white ship with three fins. Regular Earth Navy rocket ships had four fins with red/white stripes.


The visuals made an impression ---- some seriously cool (for the day) hardware.


No idea what the name of that flick show was.

Space Angel?


Thank you. I kept mentally short circuiting to Space Ghost...


...I had totally forgotten the name of the ship: http://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?35946-Squirrel-Works-Starduster

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I am astonished to see that the film "J-Men Forever" by the Firesign Theatre never achieved more renown. 

The whole movie is stitched together from clips from old 1930s serials, including Captain Marvel, King Of The Rocket Men, Captain America, Fighting Devil Dogs, and even Dick Tracy... reedited to feature length, and with new and hilarious dubbed dialogue. Pants wettingly funny.

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 Battle Beyond the Stars

I found it on dvd! The ship has boobs!


In the 80's Disney did a lot of made for tv movies that they would air Sunday nights. One was a two parter they were hoping would do good so they could start a series about, but it didn't do as well as they hoped. The movie was called Earth Star Voyager, and to this day it is one of my favorite movies. Love the look of the ship.

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Speaking of strange space ships.


Can anybody ID a movie where one of the battling spaceships in the climatic big battle scene (CBBS) had oars? Yep, oars. [ ! ] (they were laser enabled oars, but oars all the same...)


Also present during the CBBS (to help with identification) were:

A big base built into and on a mountain

A band of heroes

A group of prisoners

A bunch of useless jump suit clad guards

A hero in a hairy suit (who was clearly not a wookie)

A glowing blue battle axe (carried by the hero above) which was really useful chopping thru walls (in order to rescue prisoners)

A battling spaceship with a conical auger for a nose/ram

A strange and most curious lack of enormous monsters


This mess may have been dubbed in English.


At one point during the CBBS the auger nosed ship launched its entire nose like a giant rocket—it ended up wrecking a large portion of the mountain base and killing hundreds of hapless guards.


I tuned in to the middle of this clearly nothing to do with Star Wars parody[?] of a monsterless Japanese monster movie. Thus I never learned the title. I would be curious to know what it was.

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I remember Elliot Gould in E.R.


I also thought the later show was actually still that show.


And I also thought they were both St. Elsewhere.


So... this is what happens when you see TV shows in random 5 minute increments here and there.

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Did anyone here ever read "Timespirits," the comic book about (if I recall aright) a couple of Native Americans on the Virginia (ish) coast in the sixteenth century fighting supernatural evil while annoying European colonists got in the way?  One was named Cusick the Tuscarora and seems to have been a bit of a time traveler with a thing for Jimi Hendrix.

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Not much of a comic person myself.


I'm never quite sure how obscure my fellow Americans would consider some of the weird stuff I get into. Is The Big Bus considered obscure? Lars von Trier's The Kingdom? I also weirdly enjoy The Navy vs. The Night Monsters, which I understand is pretty mainstream as far as bad movies go, but it's generally obscure.


I'm also a big fan of Boston Legal, which was popular for a couple seasons but now I don't know of anyone else outside of my parents who have actually watched the whole thing. That might be pretty obscure nowadays.

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