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77167: Ingrid, Female Gnome

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What can I say - I'm a sucker for punishment. I'm learning to paint by painting gnomes ::P:
There's a method to the madness, though - I'm working up to painting the gnome that represents my DnD character.


So without further ado - here's my third miniature attempt: Ingrid, gnome rogue who loves the shinies.

Comments and critiques welcomed and appreciated.








I tried to do highlights as well as shadows, with some success, but my highlights need work.

I have to say - that desk lamp with 3x magnification I got really helped - at least I saw the details this time!

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For a third miniature, that's superb.  Your brush control is good (the eyes in particular are excellent) and it looks like a solid figure.  The gems are stunning.


Take the advice below with a pinch of sodium chloride - I'm really not that much better than you : )


The hilt of the blade looks a little wonky on the back of the figure.  The figure as a whole also looks a little flat.  I'd suggest that the next step to try would be to work on your shadows + highlights - even something so simple as lining the transition points between different areas of the figure with a darker color before painting the base coat might help.


For example - the blade.  Lining the transition points between the hilt and hand, and hilt and blade, would help to define the weapon as a whole and prevent some of that bleed from happening.


I typically line organic transitions with brown liner, and inorganic transitions with blue liner.

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Thank you very much for the feedback and the suggestions - I will give these a try. The highlighting is definitely a weak point - I tried, on her hair, on her cloak, but most of it seems to have blended right in with the background.


I see the problem with the hilt now that I've photographed it, and that's something I have a lot of trouble with in all my minis so far. I only have a few Reaper colors, and a bunch of craft paints, and I'm not sure why, but some colors of craft paint just don't want to stick to the mini. I even bought distilled water to thin with thinking maybe the tap water here is wonky. This one was done with all craft paints, some I probably shouldn't mix together to make new colors, ::P: with the exception of Reaper Tanned Skin paint, which is her skin tone. I forgot I had some Reaper Sun Yellow which I should have used instead of the golden yellow color craft paint I picked up for 50 cents. Live and learn I guess ::):


So Reaper paints and Reaper liners are on my list of things to get after I move. Does thinned black or black mixed with brown craft paint make a good liner? I tried to do that in some places on the mini, but it doesn't seem to have worked as intended, so maybe not.

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In general, the Bones figures are fairly hydrophobic.  It doesn't matter once you have the initial base coat on the figure, but if you're thinning paints with water and applying them directly to the Bones plastic you'll get a tonne of issues with beading and rub-off and the like.


What I've found is that the Reaper Liners are superb base coats or primers for Bones figures - they're damn close to bullet-proof, and once down you can thin the paints going ontop with water without any issues.


You can also use acrylic medium to thin the paints - I use Reaper Brush-on Sealer for the job, other people use generic acrylic medium from art supply stores.  That doesn't have the same issues as thinning with water.


I combine these two methods, so I typically take RMS Brown Liner, thin it to the desired consistency with acrylic medium, and use that as my base coat.

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Aye - I'm finding the basecoat to be the hardest thing to get down, and it seems even if I get that on and dry paint can still can come off with successive thin layers, as it did with the hilt. I have a paint box around here somewhere with tubes of acrylic paint, some gesso, and maybe some medium. I vaguely remember buying it years ago - I should dig it out and see. I've been using a homemade ink wash as a basecoat - it seems to stick better than any of my craft paints.

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Very nice paint job! I would never have guessed that it is your third. As far as the paint not sticking to the mini, make sure you scrub the mini with mild soap and water to remove any residual mould release, and if it is a metal figure use primer.

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