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Siri's Guide to Painting Rust


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When I got my KS1 paints, a few bottles were completely clogged.


Fortunately, I still had my hobby drill and fine bits. A combination of elbow grease and plenty of hot water, I managed to unclog them to various degrees.


It's also how I discovered that the tips were more elaborate that I believed.



Oh, and nice rust tutorial. :;):

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I tried my first rust effect this evening on my Bones Colossal Skeleton's blade, and it worked!


Base color of the blade was a pure black+honed steel mix. Then I dabbed with lava orange, then pumpkin orange, finally muddy brown. Then over the edge of the blade I drybrushed leftover black+honed steel mix and again honed steel by itself. It gave the illusion of a rusted blade that was sharpened but still looks like old cast iron.


I liked the effect enough to use it on the spiked ball and chain.


I sacrificed my Citadel drybrush for the dabbing effect by clipping off the hairs to ~1/8". Short, straight and stiff.

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On 11/12/2017 at 8:39 PM, kristof65 said:

@Sirithiliel (or anyone who's done this) - Do you think this would work to simulate old cast iron fencing? Such as seen here: 

or here:

Any modifications you would make?

I'm getting ready to paint my cemetery fencing from Bones III, and this is the look I want. 

Those are fantastic inspirational photos for the graveyard fence! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

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Vallejo make some rust paints in their GameEffects line. The two I've actually used are 72.131 Rust, which is a bright orange, and 72.136 Dry Rust, which is a dark brown. They both include a rather gritty filler, so you end up with a granular, powdery finish, and you get different effects depending on how much they're diluted.


2017-11-03-Zvezda15mmKV2-001.jpgThis is a Zvezda 1:100 scale model of a KV2 heavy artillery tank. I've used the Dry Rust on the tracks and as spots of "chipping" rust pretty much undiluted. The track grousers are picked out with graphite from a wide carpenter's pencil, but a dark steel paint works well too. If you look closely at the rust in the hollows of the tracks you can see how it dries with a granular texture, and in a range of brown tones.


2017-11-03-Zvezda15mmKV2-005.jpgOn the top of the turret and in places on the track-guards I've added some of the orange Rust,  applied quite diluted as a wash. As it dries, it kind of crystallizes where it's thickest, and you get rust "bits" forming.


Applying them in layers of washes give the most interesting effects in my opinion, but they're not nearly as controllable as Siri's method.

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