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50 Fathom pirate recruits, Bathalian (77020) and Tiik Warriors (77186)


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So I ran a one shot 50 Fathoms adventure this weekend with hubby, son and 2 friends that were visiting.  It went well, but they derailed the adventure completely by not walking the plank, instead choosing to stand and fight...  First round was rough, half the party was down from all the pirates firing their pistols.  But they prevailed, loosing only 1 extra, and headed off in a totally opposite direction  :blink: from where the one-sheet adventure was at.  So I winged a treasure map, and they found and dug up buried treasure, so all was good in the end.


Anyway, here is the slightly converted Bones Bathalian (77020), I painted up to be a Kraken earth mage, one of the pre-made characters they could pick from.  Not so happy with the color choices on his clothes.






Tiik warriors (Bones 77186), standing in for Kehana, one of which has been converted to wear pants.  Not sure what up with my color selections for them either, that pink is not terrible attractive...








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