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Captives in Stasis (P02580C P03312D)

Froggy the Great

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    • By Froggy the Great
      Edit:  Finished piece is here:  http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56271-captives-in-stasis-p02580c-p03312d/
      Ok, so I have the two Sacrificial Victim pieces and some plastic covers that look very much like the top of a cryo tank big enough for both of them, plus some dissected clix bases that look interesting:

      My first thought was that maybe they could be chained to the clix bases to be used for whatever game involves rescuing captives or the captives rescuing themselves and then kicking tail.  Not sure that works:

      Or I could make a cryo chamber with them both inside - this would work well with my raygun pulp project and be something to stick in the starship hold.  There are all sorts of non-exploitative reasons for two bikini-clad women to be in a cryo chamber together, right?

      Yeah, you see my problem.  The cryo chamber itself is fine, and I know how I'm going to make it.  The problem is - Why the two of them?  Why is one of them still tied up and blindfolded while in stasis?  Are these human or alien?  If alien, what skin color?  Should the other have been tied up to match, and managed to escape somehow?  
      The mechanics of building are fine - I've got that.  I need help with the rationale, and keeping it PG, or PG-13 at most.  Please post your crackpot theories, and I shall incorporate the best into the details.
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