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77103: Nor'Okk, Ettin

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I started this guy at the race track on vacation, and put up a couple of posts in my consolidated WIP.  But since there is quite a bit still to go on him, I figured I'd start a new separate WIP for him (<Grampa  Simpson> as was the style at the time <\ Grampa Simpson>).


So here are pics of the initial base coat:





And then after a heavy wash:




That gets us caught up to the old WIP.


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Since then, the little time I've had (had to do my physio appointments over lunch for two weeks) I've been highlighting his skin.  It takes a LOT longer to do on something this size then a normal sized fig.....




This was after one day.



And this:



Was after today.


I think the skin is close now.  I see a couple little spots I should fix up.  Feel free to point out anything that doesn't look right with the skin highlights.


Just realized I could enter him in the Giants contest (he's big enough, right?).  Hmmm, guess I should think about a nice base.....


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yup the furs need some selective white highlighting. I cannot pick out the fish on his hip either... might be the camera though

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Finally got a chance to paint today.








Did  quick highlight on the hands around his neck. Touched up the shading on the barrel and rope.  Changed his belt to Walnut Brown.  Did some work on the fish, how do they look?

And started on the metals.  Need to remember to take in some rusty colours tomorrow...


One more day to do the clubs and finish up the metals and he should be good to come home for basing.


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