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Ape-X Finished


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Hello and greetings Reaper forum members. I present to you my first finished miniature of the year. Ape x breaking free from captivity. I know that's a long time to finish something. I used a brick for the base. Tea and garden dirt along with plant matter. The poles are plastic drinking straws. The net is from my Mexican snack package. The bases and placard are made of cereal boxes. Paint is craft paint reaper and Vallejo. Any ideas how to improve my painting are welcome. All thoughts comments suggestions and derailment are welcome. Gracious T-d








Left Side


Right Side

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I like it a lot, and the base works great. As th the above poster said add some color to the backpack, especially in the rear shot the back pack blends into the fur. Great brush control and highlighting. It's a tough mini to make pop having such large areas of what can be one solid color. Well done.

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Nifty use of a brick and the assorted "cast off" items. The composition is good, and conveys a real sense of action. I agree with robinh and Limey72 that the backpack looks unfinished compared to the rest of the figure. All-in-all, a nicely done project.

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