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Dave Builds a Boat...well...a Galleon at any rate. (PIP41094)


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Well, I've got my work cut out for me this time. I recently received my order from 6 Squared Studios so that I could base this big guy.


Speaking of which, I started with the base:




Then went on to assemble the dock, though I haven't added the twine yet:




After which I went to work on his legs:






Then finished them:




Next, it was on to his arms (which were deceptively simple):






And on to his upper body:








He'll be done in blues, like the rest of my Privateer warjacks, and I've picked up the Weathered Blues triad for it. There will be a good bit of steel, and a lot of brass.











And here's a picture of a cute little crab, to hold you over until I get more done:



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That looks like a very fun piece. I have all kinds if ideas on how I would approch it. Looking forward to seeing how you handle it.


I would make him rusty ;D


He is looking great! So nice to see my cousin Crabby getting some love too!

 Oh, he's going to be a salty, old sea dog, all right.

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Okay, the tale of the Galleon continues.


Finished up his base:








Then popped pins in his feet and torso, and got him primed:




Then basecoated his legs with Weathered Navy:



















Here, look at this flower:



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From Warmachine: Colossals (p126):

"The raw might of a naval ironhull now walks the lands of western Immoren as the Galleon. When unleashed upon a battlefield, the Galleon fires a rolling broadside comparable to that of a small ship of war. The colossal interrupts its deafening percussion only to reach out with its enormous cargo claw to toss a warjack like a rag doll or to use its massive trident to reel in resilient foes and finish them off at close range with a series of punishing blows. The Galleon commands a high price, but for those mercenaries who have the fortune to spend, it fights as a symbol of unquestionable affluence and might."


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Alright. Here we are earlier today, with a 100% basecoat on the legs. It's Reaper Weathered Navy, P3 Pig Iron, and P3 Blighted Gold:






Then we wash in P3 Armor Wash, because other wise, that's a lot of blacklining:






Then we start to reclaim some areas:






And finish the reclamation process:




I put a second coat of water on the base, so we'll see how that turns out. Until next time!















Whoops! How did that get in there?

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