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I hope that's a reprint of  Deities and Demigods you're using for that backdrop and not an original.


Standing stones came out great.  I thought you had managed to score a couple of the LE Druid Stone that Reaper had put out a billion years ago.

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I hope that's a reprint of  Deities and Demigods you're using for that backdrop and not an original.

What are those worth, these days?


I made these after the first one for a friend.  




These turned out even better than the first set. My favorite is #3. The Greenish Tint ROCKS. (ahem)

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I hope that's a reprint of  Deities and Demigods you're using for that backdrop and not an original.


Standing stones came out great.  I thought you had managed to score a couple of the LE Druid Stone that Reaper had put out a billion years ago.


Visible on the book is the "Beard Guy" TSR logo, which came into use in 1980 or 81. Therefore, the DDG is a later printing, with no Cthulhu. Still an antique, though.


Those are seriously pretty. I see you got creative with the runes and patterns you carved into them. Durned if I don't feel a little inspired...

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Some of them are sculpey, some are foam. The sculpey definitely works better than the foam, but the foam is much easier to work. 


I'll try to get these in the mail for you this week Doc.

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    • By lexomatic
      I know about the craft article on filling a bucket with sand and spraying foam in the space carved out.  I don't have a ton of time so didn't do that. I DID take a few sheets of parchment paper, a few sections of plastic fruit containers lined with parchment paper, and sprayed a can's worth of expanding insulation foam to make some hills.
      Because of needing to get by with a stroller, foam was packed up after an hour to continue curing.
      In a few days I'll seal with brown craft paint and modgepodge, then experiment with flocking.

    • By Rahz
      As my players are going to be floating around the Darklake in the Underdark for the next few sessions, after drawing it the first night, I thought about trying to build it instead.  We use the grid and my players floundered when we tried to do away with it so trying different ways to incorporate it into the build. 
      Playing with wood texture.  My one cut was horrible and it ripped more than it cut. 

      Used chipboard templates to guide the curved cuts. 

      2 different grid options on the front and back.   Like the front but it’s a bit more confusing than just using the “nail holes”.  Will see how the middle goes. 

      Thanks for looking. 
    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 7 "Year 100" pits Batman Year 100 vs some corrupt cops in the Gotham Police Department. 
      There were no head villains to choose from and Batman Year 100, who I already painted, was the only choice as a hero.  So I thought now was as good a time as any to start on some minions.  I decided to paint the Cops With Gun and Cops With Baton since they would have the same color scheme.  I don't know what it was about it but I was never really too interested in painting them.  I think next time I'll just paint one set of minions at a time.  We'll see. 
      I did try to throw some alternate skin colors in there and it turned out well.  I may do the same for the other minions.  

    • By Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      (Note: this is a follow up to the recently delivered Batman Gotham City Chronicles which is based on their Conan game engine, and lets you pick up the existing content if you didn't get it before, plus the new season 2 content)

      Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles is a mission-based miniatures board game where 2 to 4 players control the Dark Knight and his allies in their never-ending battle against crime through an asymmetrical and open game system.

      Each game involves an action-packed fight where two sides face off. One of the players assumes the role of the Villain and controls the most notorious criminals of Gotham City. The remaining players take control of the Heroes, who must work together as a team to foil the Villain’s plots. Each side takes turns, pitting their strategies against each other in order to achieve their objectives.

      [NOTE the core box image above is taken from the first KS so the 'stretch' tags are irrelevant, I've done so as the current KS doesn't show the contents as fully]

      Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2’s primary focus is Versus mode.

      Adventure mode racked up 42 missions in season 1, is still supported with 9 NEW missions in season 2. And, some of the new season 2 characters can also be used in S1 core box adventure mode missions.

      Finally, all season 2 characters come with their own tile, opening up a wider Versus mode selection pool for the 10 NEW versus mode missions.

    • By Rigel
      Maybe this should have gone in the Sculpting thread, but I didn't make a build log when I sculpted these about four years ago. It was my first game DMing, a 5e homebrew, and enigmatic mycelial conspiracies played a large part. At this point I only knew the FLGS as a source of minis, and they didn't have any myconids. So I made do. One of them is based loosely off of bracket fungus and one off of amanita toadstools.
      Showing them off now because a) I picked up some Nolzur/Wizkids new Myconid Adult sculpts to go along with them, and b) I'm seeing so many wonderful mushroom-folk on the forums and love jumping in front of bandwagons.  

      The sculpting was ham-fisted and the painting leaves much to be desired, but I am proud of one innovation that you can use for your myconids: for that enokitake effect, get a bunch of sewing pins, clip to different lengths, and bend them into a gentle curve near the cut or pointy end.  Cluster as necessary.

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