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I've had a few paint sessions, mostly short ones, but I've done a bit more work on the wingadings.


Laid in the shadows on the membranes of the Angelius and Hellion, and started pulling up the highlights. The Harriers (the two little guys) are just about done; really I just need to finish out their bases.



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Nice. Mine's a lower hue-contrast color scheme, but I make up for it in the color value contrast. Pale blue-purple skin tones with purple-black chitin. I'm sure there's some in my (former) consolidated Show Off thread, if you'd like to check them out.


I really dig the high hue-contrast color scheme you're using. It keeps them visually interesting.

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I'm sure there's some in my (former) consolidated Show Off thread, if you'd like to check them out.


Heh. I took the easier route and just clicked your warmahordes link in your sig. I've looked through the album before, a few times. I really like the look of your Ret stuff; the Colossal (Hyperion?) looks really nice. Very stealth. Your Legion stuff looks good, too; I would expect the value-contrast pops on the table pretty well.


I'm glad you like the colors I'm using; it's a bit louder than most of the Legion I've seen, but I think it works pretty well.

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OK... a few things tonight.


The Beast Mistress and Harriers will likely be in Show Off by the end of the week...just a bit of snow flock needs to go on their bases. Very pleased by this; I played a game with the harriers this week and looove them a bunch. Very glad to have sealer on them.


The Forsaken is coming along...





The Angelius is very close. I need to pull up the highlights on the wing membranes and there's a patch of bare primer under the tail barb, then he's done.



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Glad you like the Angelius. I couldn't leave him quite so land-bound!


I know about eAbsy...I actually took a look at her at my flgs over the weekend. BUT, I've promised not to buy her until I have all my other warlocks painted. Which is.fine, because pAbsy is almost done and pVayl isn't too far from "almost done." And it will let Excigence release, so we'll see eAbsy's theme list so I'll know what else to buy along with her. Probably two or three beast packs, is my guess.

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A bit of work on the Sorceress on Hellion. I did a little bit of metallics work on a few pieces, so I put down the basecoat and bronzes on her.


The basecoat is a 50/50 mix of Marine Teal and Marigold Yellow. I discovered this mix by accident, but I really love the green it makes, and it works very well under the Blighted Gold.




I also did some work on Absylonia and Annyssa Ryvaal, but it's pretty much the same, so no photos there.

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More work on the Sorceress. Basecoats on the figure.


The black leathers are 50/50 Walnut Brown (RMS) and Coal Black (P3). The cape and skin are basecoated in Violet Red (RMS). The cape will remain this color, highlighted up into orange; the skin will come up into blue. It's weird, but it works. The whites are Underbelly Blue (P3) and Ghost White (RMS), or some combination thereof.



Also some final detail work on Absylonia. Other than the flock that needs to happen on her base, what do y'all think? Anything glaring that needs to happen?




Thanks for looking!

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Some work on pVayl today. White-on-white freehand looks pretty awesome in the hand, but it's hard to photograph.




The photo on the right is more true to the colors. The weird little "=" ridges in the middle of the dragon design are on the pewter, and I didn't notice them until I'd already painted more than I wanted to repaint. Ah, Well.


The freehand is on the front, too:




I also got several more points worth of Legion, so my painted/owned ratio has gone down. Now in the queue is another Carnivean/Ravagore/Scythean kit and the Neraph/Seraph kit, as well as two more Forsaken.


And eventually I'll start another WiP thread for what is now officially my second faction...I now have a battlebox of Retribution of Scyrah...angry anime elves, here I come!

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    • By Rickdraco
      I saw the Rocky miniatures, and with how cute they are I could not resist getting one to use as a dragon to send against my players. As such, here is my take on the Flying Rocky, as a juvenile Red Dragon!
      Comments, criticisms and advice as ever more than welcome! 

    • By R2ED
      I've really been going after these dioramas.  I'm seriously enjoying the change of pace going from the painting to the working of a landscape.  There's still so much I'm learning on color, scenery, and flock, but it's definitely coming along.


      I thought the pebbles were kind of fun like some kind of jewels, but it didn't hit like I wanted, so I then went and added some GreenStuff jewels among them to give the impression it's mixed precious stones.  Either way, the point of little Rocky hoarding and scheming I think comes across fine. 
      Where I may have gone a little overboard was the chipping of the stones.  I think leaving the pillars chipped would have been better and leaving the scaled walls untouched.  It's just hard because as I worked it, I just felt it was needing something else.
      There's a local contest that I've been dropping my minis into and it's killing me because I'm getting beat every time by warhammer models.  I keep trying to bring in something different that will make others go, "Oh, that's different."  Even if I don't win, Isuppose that's not the point of me doing them.  The point is to keep trying and using this contest as a motivator to do more.  With most of the other models just being based on a 1 to 3" base, these big boys that I've been doing are sure to catch more eyes than the usual smaller ones I've submitted before.  
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      I really enjoyed painting it.  This is my first full dragon miniature painted.
      I spent a lot of time on it, and I'm pleased with the outcome.
      I hope you like it.  This was my first time using Birch seed pod debris as leaves, and I think they look good.
      Here is the link to the WIP:
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      Two dragons from 2 different times, done with the same colors.  Basically I had both of these on the table and I decided to just use the same palette for both
      First up:  the Panther dragon from Ral Partha.  This guy is a long snakey one, his tail was very difficult to get to but overall fun to paint.  This mini just seems to ooze stealth as she slips round alleys and empty streets making people disappear.  This miniature has been sitting on my shelf for decades because I liked the art and the figure but I just didn't know what to do with it.  I finally just broke down and said I am going to paint this!

      Then on the flip side is the Treasure Rocky.  This little tyke has acquired his first hoard and he is insanely protective  and proud.  
      And he should be.  I was looking at the reaper store and he and most of his pals are sold out, again!  These are just a joy to paint and I 
      love painting them.  they are just so entertaining and so full of character that no matter what color you add to them or what you put them in 
      they have to shine!

      Hope you enjoy them!
    • By Evilhalfling
      So when I unpacked this Big Boi in 2017  I thought he would look really cool without wings.  but I'm it will be a lot of careful work to carve off the joins and resculpt him,  I just don't think I'm ready.  In February I did the scales for my verocthulu conversion, and thought "I could have done that better."
      So this is better.  
      This Dragon will be the colors or earth.   Burnt Umber base, and a hide scattered with Burnt Sienna, Tusk Ivory, and Leather Brown with ochre and NNM gold colors on the belly. 
      perhaps some cool gray or blue washes in the shadows.   The scales will be individually shaded, and the hide below staying the color of brown liner, or umber in the well lit areas. 
      So far its been about 4 hrs of work in sculpting, cleaning, gluing and mold line removal.
      it took 45 min just to cover him in brown liner.  He is a really big dragon, and I have no idea how long this is going to take. 
      but im getting a little obesessed - I don't want to schedule a meeting or go grocery shopping, I want to add more paint... 
      this feels like how I ended up with a dragon named Insomnia - who was painted almost entirely between 10pm and 7 am.   I kept waking up with new color ideas. 
      Or the DDS2 dragon who I spent 2-4 hours a day painting for a solid week, and another hour a night for the week after.  
      The last picture is my inspiration for the scale colors - the eyes will be much simpler than this. 


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