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The Day I Got Ruined


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 Yeah, tell me about it - I work in a lighting warehouse, and we rent out part of our space to a small engineering firm. One of the guys that works there drives a particular car to work sometimes...


  The freakin' pace car from the 1984 INDY 500...


 I know this because it says so right on the side of it.


 I am sooo working in the wrong side of the building...


  :down: :down: :down: :down: :down: :down:

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And now for the bonus round - what kind of engineer?  Civil, structural, chemical... I'm going to go with "Electrical Engineer", yet again using my dear ol' dad as a template!

In all honesty... I dunno. I might have known during the event in question... in 1971. Since then, I regret to announce it's slipped my mind.

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I knew a retired engineer when I was a youngster. His house wouldn't have fit a model railroad layout, but he built it himself and it was on a cliff in the woods overlooking a beautiful little lake and his hobby was rehabbing vintage tractors.

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And now for the bonus round - what kind of engineer?  Civil, structural, chemical... I'm going to go with "Electrical Engineer", yet again using my dear ol' dad as a template!

In all honesty... I dunno. I might have known during the event in question... in 1971. Since then, I regret to announce it's slipped my mind.


I --hate-- when that happens.


So, I used to work for a big airplane company, the sort of place that employed aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and machinists. The company had a retirees association club house. The Southeast corner of the building was devoted to the model RR club (a club that was almost entirely engineers and machinists). Those guys could build anything.


(They had radio controlled trains, before radio controlled toys were a thing...they didn't need to be radio-controlled but it was cooler if the trains were, so they were.)


Once a year they would do an open house and model RR show. And you could see what they'd been up to for the previous year. It was a bit like Doc's story ---- and it happened annually.

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I've seen several model railroad shows; the town I used to live in had a train museum, and hosted a model railroad expo every year. It was loads of fun.

...but when we saw Mr. Harvey's outfit, all I'd ever seen was the Lionel electric setup owned by the kid down the street, that he kept in a cardboard box and only set up when he felt like running it. Mr. Harvey's two rooms of gigantic honkin' diorama... well, I've seen similar rigs SINCE then, but at the time, I was a child, and... wul, I was completely blown away. Not only by the sheer size and detail of it all, but by the VERY IDEA that a guy would devote this much time and money to a thing grownups DID NOT ORDINARILY DO.

Sure, I'D have done something like that, given infinite resources. I was a kid. I'd have built the Hall of Justice in white LEGOs, scaled for my Mego action figures, and more, and more, sure. But the very idea that a GROWN MAN would do something like this was quite alien to my experience, which tells you something about my relatives, I guess.

Now... well, now I have half a hobby room with walls festooned with shadow boxes and tiny shelves and pewter dwarves and plastic elves...

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Hah, totally different experience here. I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old, I don't remember exactly but I hadn't been playing D&D for very long at any rate, and I wanted to go to the game store. We passed it all the time, it was called the Complete Strategist 2 the first one having been burned down and all the kids I gamed with said it was awesome. So one day on the way back from my uncle's house I finally got my mother to stop there. It was typical, dimly lit, crammed with stuff, and the few obligatory men in the back gaming. I don't remember much about the men, all I really remember is the shelves piled with books, and the pegboards loaded with blisters of minis. I was in heaven. Unfortunately, I didn't have any money and I couldn't convince my mom to buy me anything, so I left empty handed, but still happy. I remember vividly, as we were getting back into the station wagon my mother looked at me and said "John-Carlos (both first names, I knew it was serious) I NEVER want you to go back in there again." When I asked why? She answered "Because there's something wrong with 30 year old men playing games."

As I am soon to be 40, I have been giving her crap about that line for a decade now ^_^

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