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 I have a long-standing plan (which has never gotten past the gathering materials stage) to do a diorama with that Conan (or one of the other two or three Reaper not-Conans, I forget which), with him beginning to face off against two recently-summoned monsters courtesy of 14180: Tharian, Necropolis Mage  as Thoth Amon, who stands on a balcony behind the monsters, with 02749 Jade, dancing girl chained by her wrists to the wall next to him...

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Ah, to at last see some Bedlam masterpieces, makes ones soul soar!

You really need to do some close ups of the literature characters, especially Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.


And a question: what color did you use on your scimitar swinging Arabian Nights fellows? I really dig that skin tone.


And alas, all that time waiting and only one Grenadier....


Have to agree with Krulebear though, a great little figure!

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I have a great many Grenadier figures, thanks to Inarah... but I have yet to get around to PAINTIN' most of them!

The Arabian Nights group weren't painted this century. I did them back when I still mixed my own tones with colors I picked up at craft stores. I couldn't tell you what I used, nowadays... nowadays, I use primarily Reaper paints!


As to closeups... well.. what I have to work with is a cell phone camera. But it's a pretty GOOD cell phone camera...

4f513752d63a0ca713980dcc92b0e3dd.jpg Follow the yellow brick road...


c4e63df048668da6c83e1b6543516192.jpg  Follow the yellow brick road!


8a8538a654e795a24bfbd28995e7f5d9.jpg Spread Fafhrd and the Mouser out, but couldn't get the phone to focus as much as I'd like...


7c9ec39f408c710582d88891255250ea.jpg Cugel the Clever joins the group... but I'm not quite happy with his expression...


fd3227108a51e06995b6cc553a425361.jpg The Pokethulhu boxed set isn't a contest winner... but durn, it was fun.

153499cd79948716ac03defc1116a519.jpg A find from the dump table at Reapercon... and a couple more out of the Vampire box!


eb2b8e6f02e6dd91190c5b553e0e7b96.jpg Pleasant dreams...

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Ah, that explains it... never had the dwarf boxed set. I usually went for variety.


Above: the Ral Partha circus blister, circa 1988. The Klaun is not from that set... he's another one I found on the adoption table.

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