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Pocket dungeon

Thes Hunter

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While cruising around KSi found this game, Pocket Dungeon. I was skeptical at first but clicked on the link because the guy was from Louisville. I fast fell in love with the game.


It is simple dungeon crawl, with clear quick rules. You set up a grid of tiles and the characters decide where they enter the grid. As you 'move' through the dungeon illuminating the grid you fight the monsters you find, use items and spells. Watching the demo and the Youtube of play it looks quick and fun, and something young children could pick up easily.




The game is only $25 plus $5 for US shipping. You should check it out.

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The print and play copy is a real value! It's only $5! Which is a crazy good value!


Being from the US I grabbed a physical copy for $25 + $5 for shipping in the US, $10 for Canada and $15 for ROW.


I've considered picking up a second copy because you can play with as many people as you have tiles for and you can make larger and larger dungeons by combining sets.


I'm really hoping he is able to make some expansions at some time in the future.

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