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I know I should probably finish one of my other projects first before starting a new one, but I don't wanna! I wanna play with Space Cowboys! (Well, technically they're Steampunk Cowboys, but I don't think they look particularly steampunky.)


So here are the Magnificent 8:-




Top row (left to right):- Sun Totem, Hicks Kincade, Jake Mattia, Marcus Wayward.

Botton row (left to right):- Flowing River, Zarelda Kincade, K-Free, Sierra Icarus.


And here they are after a coat of White Primer and a brown wash:-





I've been trying to get out of the habit of pre-shading my minis (it uses up a Lot of wash), but my poor, old eyes needed help in picking out the fine details on these guys.


If you're wondering about the random selection of bases, they're just temps.

Originally I was going to make desert bases (The Eight were protecting a frontier settlement in an alien wasteland from Space Bandits), but Wild West Exodus uses their own style of really tall bases, and flipped over they have a really nice recess prefect for using Water Effects, so now the Eight are protecting settlers on a swamp moon from Space Bandits.

Hopefully my water stuff won't crack like it did the last time I tried making a swamp base.


Didn't get to far with this side of the project, glued the cork and sand in:-




But the sand absorbed the IMEF Olive I attempted to paint on it, so I slobbered Black Primer over them all:-




And now I'm waiting for everything to dry.



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I've been trying to get out of the habit of pre-shading my minis (it uses up a Lot of wash), but my poor, old eyes needed help in picking out the fine details on these guys


Why is it a bad idea to pre-shade minis?  :huh:  I thought using Brown Liner on white Bones minis was another example of this.

Buy more wash, or Brown Liner.


What is your wash formula (if you are mixing it) that you have used here?

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Started adding some colour to Zarelda (she's first because I like her hair):-





I used to be able to take decent-ish photos, now they're always so dark ::(:


Anyways. At the moment she has 1:1 Vallejo Red Orange/Ruddy Leather hair, a Vallejo Flat Flesh face, a Peacock Green jacket, Rainy Grey trousers and Vallejo Red Violet gloves and top.

I was thinking of using the Red Violet on her boots too, but would that be too much purple?


Also get further on their Swamp Bases:-




I did have more step-by-step pics of this, but due to my current run of bad photography, they all looked the same...

At this point the bases have had a basecoat of IMEF Olive, a 1:1 wash of Vallejo Green Shade/Army Painter Strong Tone, and then progressive drybrushes of IMEF Olive, Vallejo Light Green and Sun Yellow.

Tomorrow they get their first dose of Vallejo Still Water.

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I don't understand what you mean by "too much purple?"


The words are English, but I don't understand...... :devil:



But, seriously, I like the idea of her boots also being purple. :bday:


Purple boots it is!


I was worried about her becoming too "comic-booky", but I think that ship might have sailed before I even put any paint down.

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Calling time on this thread (and the WIP section in general).


I've been finding painting really difficult recently and it's a struggle to stay motivated long enough to finish a figure let alone a group of them.

I really liked this set and thought they might break me out of this funk I'm in, but it hasn't worked. The rest of the Eight are already packed away and, while I'm going to try and finish Zarelda, I suspect she'll join them shortly.

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I also hope you break out of your funk very soon Aku, I really look forward to your work as you are a very good and inspirational painter on the forum. Sometimes a break (a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months) is needed to decompress though and get your mind cleared before you can move on and keep leveling up. 

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Thanks guys!


I normally love painting these kinds of heavily detailed minis, but over the summer my skills have deteriorated past the point where I can tackle them with any hope of decent results, and it's killing my motivation.


A couple months working on some simpler stuff should help. Plus, I think it might help if I do smaller WIP threads instead of trying to do the whole group at once.

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