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So, thanks to Jasonator, I ended up picking up not just one, but two minis from Thunderbolt Miniatures.

They are the #3012 Red Knight, and #3010 Sir Percevale!

I don't have them yet, they've been ordered, but I figured I could get some opinions while I wait. I’ve already thought about colors, and I want them to off set each other as they’ll be displayed on a shelf of our Medieval Times souvenirs, facing off.

The way I see it, the Red Knight, let’s call him Sir Brutus since he lacks a name, is strong and fearless. He’s a fierce opponent on the battlefield, felling his foes usually in the first pass during jousting.

Sir Percevale, though no weakling himself, is not as mighty as the fearsome Brutus. However, he is devilishly clever and intelligent, weighing up his opponents and targeting the weak areas he spots.

So I wonder....who would win in this joust…the strong Brutus or the cunning Percevale?


These are store photos that I've colored the bottom layer with my art program to play with color schemes.


The Blue Knight, Sir Percevale, is going to be Blue and Gold detailing with a noble eagle as its symbol




The Red Knight is going to be Red, White and black detailing with a dragon as its symbol, My main question is...with or without stripes? Stripes win!


I know I'm probably crazy for wanting to do these color schemes on a 25mm figure...but oh well =P I'm crazy
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 Actually, have you considered a checkerboard pattern for the red knight? Or perhaps a white fleur-de-lis motif?


I thought about it. I'm doing checker on Sir Percevale, and I am a bit wary of fleu-de-lis because I'd have to hand do them all and I don't think I could keep it consistent and crisp enough to look good

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Nice, but for a split second I read the title as "Red Knight and Sir Forscale."


Having done patterns on cloth, I'll tell you that the checks are a little more ambitious than the stripes, but once you've worked your way up to doing nice tartans, you've pretty much got cloth nailed. I'm still working on tartans, but then again, I started with tartans. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. :blink:

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I'm also going to turn that odd crescent shape on the Red Knight's chest and shield into a dragon head, with the points being the horns. We'll see how that goes!

Got my shipping notice! Wow that was fast!

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Thanks for the confidence XD I'm sure I'm overestimating the task i've undertaken. But this will be a good way to teach myself to do better freehand. That's why i chose complicated designs [plus I stare at that expanse of fabric and just HAD to do something to it]


They'll be delivered tomorrow! According to the tracking =P

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While cleaning I've hit a snag! I don't think it'll really affect my finished product [as it's on the non display side of the mini] but it's still kind of sad...


behold the great big hole in my horse!



and i just de-hoofed my other horse >.< time to break out the green stuff and repair both horses! Going to fill in that hole and mimic the fabric and put a bandage around my other horse's outstretched legs like the wrap you sometimes see around horse legs. Don't care if it's not time-period accurate! 


meanwhile miss fairy ballerina is sitting there glaring at me....

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