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I'd posted a few pics in my combined WIP as I was figuring things out, but now that I'm (finally) gearing up to really start working on my diorama for the 2014 Year of the Giants contest, I guess it's time to start a new WIP.


The idea I'm working with for this diorama is set in the same (loosely defined) world as my Wyrmgear diorama from last year. A slightly steampunky fantasy world. So far we have seen the Gnomes (specifically the Stonehaven ones) as a faction, obviously technologically advanced enough to create automatons and even Wyrmgear.  Now we get to see one of the forces they must battle, Fire Giants and their allies.  

So, my idea is a Gnomish fortress being breached by what is likely the vanguard of a much larger army (perhaps lesser giants, orcs, things like that).  4 (or maybe 3, not sure yet) Fire Giants, have smashed through the wall (the Fire Giant in the back will have his sword swapped for a large, obviously magical maul/hammer) while Kyra and Lavarath cleared the tower of any defenders. There will likely be a few Gnomish casualties and possibly some shattered steampunky weapons to help tie it all together.


This pic is a mock up of what I think needs to be there.  I'm trying to plan out a base size so I can get something cut and start doing the actual block assembly and other terrain planning. I've taped off what I think will work as a base,  12x14 inches.




The walls will of course extend to the edges of the diorama.  The walls, where damaged, will be filled with gravel and stone, and where undamaged will have stone across the top and crenelations and such.  The tower will likely have an arch passing through from the wall top or something similar and maybe some arrow slots.

I'm undecided if the interior of the keep will be flagstones or dirt.  The exterior will be dirt, grass, possibly with the edge of a moat or something showing.  Maybe raise the whole thing on 2 inches of Styrofoam to allow some variable terrain....hmm, I like that. Will help with craters too....


Anyway, thoughts, suggestions, etc are always welcome and appreciated.

Looks like I'm going to be busy over the next 4 months...

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So I actually started doing some work on this on Wednesday, but I'm just getting around to posting pics now.

Wed I cleaned and assembled a fire giant warrior.  I also took all my browns, reds and oranges and threw them in a bag to take to work.


Thursday I started with the Brown Liner.  I got an almost complete coat on before a production job blew up and demanded my attention.





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Friday I noticed a few mold lines that needed fixing, so I took care of those and touch up the Brown Liner coat.


Then I looked at browns for a while.  I think I want to go with a dark brown skin with hints of orange maybe, but I'm still not really sure.

So I gave the skin a thin coat of Dark Shadow.

I then gave a bunch of the armor and such (anything that would be steel or similar) a coat of Noir Black.




Thoughts on the base colour?


To me, it would seem I should be highlighting the dips and crevasses, where the shadow would normally go, to show the fire within, and shadow where the highlights would normally go.  Does that sound right??

Or should I just go with a normal highlighting scheme?  I'm undecided (which is why I started basing the armor instead....).



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