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First off, FINALLY!!!!




3 years of 12 Days of Reaper, at least 7 orders, and finally a bottle of Christmas Wreath!!


Today's lunch time painting.




Warrior is finished.





And the Gnome Knight ( find it interesting that they both start with silent letters.....) just needs a few minor touchups.


Tonight will be working on the dirt from the wall some but mostly painting Lavarath.



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Slightly frustrating night, but got must of what I wanted accomplished.


Got the second wing on Lavarath.




This, of course, didn't fit as well as when I test fit it months ago, so I had to do a little green stuff.


Attached Kyra's hand and lance to her.  Broke one of my two bits that are small enough right off the bat drilling the hole for the pin, so had to take it extra slow after that.

And even had trouble lining up the front of her saddle, but I think it's right now.


Then got Lavarath's mouth all painted so time to put the head together.  Could have sworn it all fit way back when.  Much filing and dremeling (and scuffing of paint) later it all finally fit.




As you can see much needs to be fixed up on Lavarath's paint just to get back to a solid base.  Luckily it is mostly just the Noir Black undercoat for the Adamantium Black, so not that big a deal. 

Oh, I also washed all the red tonight.  Only have to touch up a few spots there at least.



And on the base I added some other textures and sizes of sand and rock. Next up will be painting the dirt, then adding more wall debris on top.



But that's enough for tonight.

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Moving on, I've got Lavarath's feet and lower legs where I'm pretty happy with them.




After knocking it over again (and almost squishing Kyra)  I was already to glue it to the tower, when I realized I hadn't painted the hatch on it yet. So fixed that.




Just waiting for the wash to dry.  


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And glued. 




Certainly more stable now.



Next I decided to finish of those few touchups on the Gnome Knight.




I decided to leave Lavarath's tail in the front pic....


Only a little bit more time left today before family stuff (and wrapping...must remember to wrap my wife's presents.......), think I'll do some work on Kyra.  Not sure what to do for the banner.....



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After two days of presents, tasty roasted fowl, and a ton of driving, a day to work on my diorama.


Before I finished up on the 24th, I decided to redo the hammer, since Milliput is apparently much better for sanding.




I'l be sanding this smooth, then drilling a hole for the handle.  And hopefully using some green stuff to put some runes and such on it....



Today I started with the base, getting the outside ground done.  There was much painting of glue, then a whole bunch of flock was dumped.





I have it a couple hours then removed the excess. 




I like how the other colours I sprinkled in came out.  I also like that we finally have some sunny weather!  It's been ages....


And in between basing I've been working on Lavarath.



I was about to say that the legs and torso are done except for the armor, but then I noticed a spot on the right need that needs fixing.....



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Been chugging along on Lavarath, just stopping to give my arm a break every so often.  He's pretty heavy on the tower top.




Head is done (well, except for that one spot I just noticed in the picture I need to fix.  That basically leaves the wings and the end of the tail to finish up.  And the shoulder thingies, which are being painted separately.

The armor is quite a bit blacker when not it strong direct light, btw.


And I sanded the hammer head down to where I like it.




Currently using it as a holder for the hands while the brown liner dries....



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So Kyra is now mounted on Lavarath and the shoulder thingies are attached.  But the quick pics I just took are all blurry so no pics for now.


But I do have a pic of the 4 remaining Gnomes, with eyes.




Itsy, bitsy, tiny little Gnome eyes.  7 of them (the long gunner has one eye closed).  Ugh.

But they are done.  Not that you can really see them anyway.....



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So much to do and too little time.  And the boy's hockey team is doing very well in their tournament so tomorrow is either a complete write-off (if they lose their game tonight and have to go to the semi-finals) or a partial write-off (assuming they tie or win and go straight to the finals).


Quick update (no pics until later).

5 Gnomes are done, plus a dead one.  Long Gunner has been set aside unless I somehow find an extra 2 hours.  He's not necessary, just would be nice.

Hammer is in the process of painting.  It is the last major element still to do.

What used to be on the tower is also in painting.

And Kyra's sword is almost done, which I missed the other day when getting her ready.

Also a couple of crates for some Gnome children to hide behind are in progress.


Time to go paint the hammer before getting ready for the 2 hour drive to the rink....

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