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Well, good news, the boys won their game.  Straight to the finals.  So I have all morning and part of the afternoon to get everything finished (we're have people over on New Years Eve and I'm supposed to be done tomorrow so I can disassemble my painting station in the middle of the living room).

And it's midnight and we just got home so nothing is getting done tonight.  But, as promised, here's some Gnomes...




The wee little one.





Junior, who's got a Keanu vibe going on, at least to me.



And the Gnome Archer.  Not the best shot but I was trying to get a pic that showed how well her eyes turned out....



I go sleep now, and hopefully wake up early and get lots done!



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Looks like I'm calling this diorama done!


If I had three more months I'm sure I could spend them working on it, but I don't, so that's it!


Still have to take good pictures tomorrow morning to submit for the contest, but here are some pics I took as I was assembling it.


I started by placing the bodyguard with the hammer. He's off by himself so he was an easy choice.





Then I went on to the dead Gnome and the remains of her weapon, destroyed by Lavarath. Where this part is close to the wall I wanted to get it out of the way so I wasn't bumping other stuff. Sun was at a bad angle so crappy pic.....





Then I went with the King, since he is more or less in the center.  I needed his position finalized to figure out exactly where the warrior was going.

The Gnome Knight has caught the eye of the King.





Then we have the two warriors about to meet in combat.




And finally we have an Gnome archer trying to protect two Gnomish children.






There.  Put that all together, throw in a Dragon for fun, and you get something like this.





Thoughts?  I've still got tonight to fix anything horribly wrong... :wacko:




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so is the gnome riding the dragon attacking or defending?


I would say you need some other troops on the Hammer side of the wall... he looks kinda lonely and lost out there!   if the breach just occurred there should be a giant or something still entering the breach as well.   just sayin!

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Yeah, it's missing something. I think it's some more texture or troops outside with the lone giant. Maybe a couple of big giant-thrown boulders? Some longer grass patches or maybe some puddles of water/mud? Something to create a tad bit more interest out there. 

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so is the gnome riding the dragon attacking or defending?


Umm Kyra isn't a Gnome. She just appears small because of the way she, umm, straddles her saddle.....



I guess the composition will make more sense with the story ( for better or worse ). Its been built around the story in my head ( which is involved by now, this is year two of the Gnome / Goblin war....).


At this point I'm not really planning to change anything, since I'm at a rink 2 hours from home waiting for a championship game to start.... ( go Bearcats! ).


All your suggestions are appreciated and are things I've considered for this. Hopefully it will all make sense with the story. Regardless, I finally got a dragon painted!

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