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More work on the skin.  I started a new wet palette for this, to have enough room.  I hit all the crevasses with the yellowish (P3 Hellfire) to start with then started working up the whole right shoulder.  Realized I wasn't going to get the whole side done in a lunch and focused just on the back of the shoulder.




It will need a bit of fine tuning later, but it's about what I think I want for an effect.

What do you all think?


At the rate I'm going I figure it will take me at least the rest of this week to get the skin decent.  These big guys take a lot of work!



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Looks good! That yellow's looking a tad green thoigh; you might want to put down a layer of white first to keep it nice and bright.

Umm, he has too much copper in his diet??  ::):


I'll need to go back in and touch up the yellow where it's a bit thin there. I think I'll hold off on white on this guy and see how it goes. If getting the yellow bright enough takes too much effort the next one will start with some Creamy Ivory or something.  The next one will likely start from the Brown Liner too; I hadn't decided on doing it this way until after I put down a base coat....

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Wow, it takes a long time to paint anything on these guys.  Why didn't someone tell me giants were so BIG?




Today's progress.  The right side is done, pending the inevitable touchups and tweaking (not to be confused with twerking).

For the section under his arm I decided to make robinh happy and break out a little pure white.  

I thought there should be strong contrast around the ribs. Thoughts?


Tomorrow I get to have a massage instead of painting, so Friday I'll likely work more on the left side. 

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