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Appreciate the feedback Ub3r.  I'm going to leave it as is for now(mostly because I need a break from doing the skin) and I'll re-evaluate the look once I get all the armor and everything painted up.


Here's a few pics from yesterday.  I finished up the left armpit area, did the nails and a wash on his hands (I figure they should be cooler, so no glow there) , did a bit on the little bit of skin on his legs and then started on the hair and face.




At this point I've just lightened with an undercoat of white, then put down a base of P3 Hellfire for his eyes and P3 Ember Orange for his hair.


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Teeth look too bright white to me, especially in comparison to the stuff that's supposed to look hot and glowing. I'd suggest knocking those down a few shades regardless of what you do with the inside of the mouth, since light sources like the hair and "cracks" should be the brightest points. Otherwise you're spot-on.

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Loving the skin. On regard of the mouth. This is what I think when seeing your giant in a fight. If the skin has glowing areas, it would indicate your giant has a burning inner core. When he opens his mouth like that, I picture an area that would be bright, hot air that could sear your flesh coming from there.

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Yeah, I've been trying to decide if I should make the mouth hot as well, and I think I'll end up going that route.


The teeth are just pure white now, since I was using that under the hair and eyes.  If I went with a "normal" mouth they'd need to go linen white at least, likely with a little wash, but if I got "hot mouth" they will likely be orange/red.  So I left them white until I decided. ::):

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Like the fire and lava look.

I'm with Ub3r, I would tone down the yellow, and see if you can get a "glowing" damped down charcoal look...

then when you get to the highlight stage , just touch with full blast color where brightest color would be.

Love the way you lava'd the muscles.. Looks really cool.

I only use "pure white" when I am doing a max highlight.

Most of the white I use is linen white, or dirty bone, vampire white, vampire highlight..


Really like what you are doing, and you really are getting that brush control down !!!!

Good Going !

Keep it up !

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Thanks for the comments everyone!

Jasonator, yeah I almost never use Pure White unless I'm mixing it in to lighten a colour. In this case I've been using it to go under a bright colour to counter the Brown Liner.  I'd bought Creamy White to do this, as I read it has really good coverage, but it appears to be at home and I keep forgetting to bring it in....


On to today.



Worked on his mouth.  Think I may lighten the back of his tongue more, but that was enough detail work for today.  I also base coated all the leather parts in Dark Elf Flesh (you can decide for yourself if they are made from actual Dark Elves or not.....).   I'll be washing those in a Black wash, then highlight up as normal, unless it is somewhere where it needs OSL from the skin or hair.


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