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Well, today was nice and relaxing, basecoating large areas. (Other than the paranoia about getting anything on the skin...).




I'm using P3 Pig Iron for the base for the metal armor.I'm planning to darken it up some and then probably not come back any brighter than where it is at now (except where it is reflecting skin or anything like that).


I also put some Pure White into the runes on the sword as I want those to glow.  I'm undecided on what colour they should be. Should I stick with a red/orange/yellow to keep them from drawing the eye too much (and to keep with the fire theme) or go with something contrasty (like neon green, blue or purple) to shake things up?



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Today was mostly testing a few things.




Tested AP Dark Tone ink on his left boot.  Two coats got it around where I want it.  It takes a while to dry so I didn't get to any highlighting or anything else with his boot.


Went with P3 Blighted Gold for the sword hilt.  Love that colour, although it can be tricky to photograph (see my Wyrmgear diorama....). Tested a couple of runes with the brighter colours I had with me (Alien Goo and LED Blue).  I'm not sold on either so far...may try playing with some clear colours...


And put a few coats of Tarnished Steel on the blade.  Still looks a bit streaker than I'd like. I'll be trying some shading/highlighting in it later. For now I just wanted to get a base colour on it.


This will be it for the Fire Giant Warrior for a week or so.  I'm on vacation (not a traveling one, just getting stuff done around the house and not being at work) next week and he'll be staying in my cupboard here.

Hopefully (assuming I don't hurt myself working on the veranda ) I'll have some updates on the base and maybe Lavarath to post while I'm off.


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I thought the Alien Goo was a little too yellowy and pale.  Maybe start with a stronger green and go up to, I'm not sure.

I though the LED Blue was a stronger colour, but it looks too high tech (which makes the name appropriate) to me.  Makes it look more like a "power weapon" like something from 40k.

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Last year at least I had the excuse I was waiting on Wyrmgear (although it took me like 2 months to start AFTER he got here).

For this one, the last figure I got for it was Lavarath, who I got during the 12 days of Christmas last year...


I think I have plenty of time for this, but I'm trying to push early on because: 1) if I don't I'll slack off until near the end, then rush, 2) my wife has already warned me i WILL NOT be spending 4-5 hours a day working on this over Christmas this year, and 3) I keep thinking of cool little things I'd like to slip into this diorama and I want to have time to do them all.

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Alien Goo looks great as a reflection/reflected color. If you need more chroma, I would just use some saturated green as a wash where needed. To me, that looks like a perfect, and quick to do, paint recipe for the glowing bits.


Plus it looks more harmonious with the fire hair, without competing for attention like the blue does.

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