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Well, it's been a busy week of vacation, but I finished the repairs to the veranda yesterday, so now I can put away the dangerous tools:




and get back to working on my diorama.


I did get the base cut and some 2" Styrofoam glued on and rough trimmed to the right size.




Now I have to finalize where the wall will go and cut out a shallow trench for that.  Then decide how the exterior terrain will go.  I'm pondering a shallow moat....


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Well, my shoulder's been bugging me since I finished the veranda. Think I may have strained something hammering in all those nails above my head.  Had a massage on Thursday and it still isn't great, but is improving...Anyway, that's why I didn't do any painting this week.


So I've been doing a bunch of prep today instead.  That I can do a bit, then take a break, then do some more.  Hacked off some broccoli.  Removed a bunch of flash.  Determined the fire giant king I have has some bits that might need a bit of correcting, so gaps along the mold line....or they might end up as battle damage, not sure yet. Also did some work on fitting Lavarath's wings.  Think they are ready for pinning and just a little green stuff. Haven't decided how I'm going to do that yet.  My paint both separate, or attach whichever has the worse gap first..


Decided to start on the maul that I'm converting one of the fire giants to have.




Just using an old nail for the shaft.  Had to get my power drill to make a big enough hole for it.


Then put a blob of green stuff on it.



Rough maul shape. I'm assuming I'll be able to sand it a bit after it dries...someone tell me quick if that isn't the case!!   ::):


I plan to do another layer over the top of that later, so I can put in some details and runes, and probably some decorations on the shaft too.

Note that the nail isn't glue into the hands yet, so I can twist it to change the maul head facing, as I need to figure out exactly what looks right.



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Shoulder is still bugging me, so I did something easy yesterday for painting.




Just did my brown liner coat on the the other two fire giants.  


Hopefully it will be a little better today.  I'm hoping to start doing washes on the rest of the armor on the warrior and may start a bit on the skin of the others while the wash is drying.


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I painted a bit more yesterday, although my shoulder/neck was still bothering me a lot.




Just did some base coating of the skin.  Also apparently got the lens of the phone camera dirty.....


Last night I gave in and got my wife to take the tiger balm (wonderful stuff btw) to my shoulder for about an hour.  Hurt like heck, but today I was able to paint for a full hour without issue.




Got Skorg's skin done (for now anyway) and started on the bodyguard, got his right leg done-ish. Also cleaned the lens on the phone.




Felt so much better painting today.


Doubt I'll get anything much done this weekend (and if I do, it should be on my exchange stuff) as it's Thanksgiving up here in Canada, so I'll be spending Sunday and Monday eating copious amounts of poultry....



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So, I got sick.  Blah.  That took a week or so of painting away.  Finally got the cough under control enough to start again today.




Did the back of the left leg and the back side of the right shoulder.  Paint on the wet palette was marginal after a week and a half.  Think I'll go with new tomorrow, since i'll be doing the hair after I finish the skin.


Also finally broke down and got a new phone (and it only took 4 and a half HOURS to get everything straightened out with the contract...go Rogers.....) so how does that pic look compared to the old?  I haven't even tried playing with the settings yet....



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Managed to find another lunch to paint. Things have been too busy.....


Anyway, did the face and hair of the fire giant bodyguard.




And here he is with the warrior.




I should be able to paint tomorrow at lunch.  If so, I'll be doing the king's face.  Then I can take a break from all these yellows, oranges, reds and browns and just paint some armor.


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