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I actually got some painting done.  My eyes are finally focusing right again, so I brown linered some of the missing parts of the giants yesterday, and today I've started with the real paints....




I've decided the King needed some bling.  So the cloak is gold, perhaps the skin of a gold dragon.  Think I'll switch the front piece (between his legs) to gold (Have I mentioned how much I like P3's Blighted Gold?) as well.  

I'm thinking of making the inset piece of the sword glowing a nice fiery red/orange and have the runes dark.  



And I'm up to the point where I need to figure out how much of the wall is collapsed.  So, for me, the obvious way to figure that out is to stack up the wall to full height (minus the walling area and crenelations) and then figure out where the giant would have hit it.





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A little painting and a lot of washing today.


First, some touchups and then washes on the cloak and butt-cloak thingy.



I also did a bunch of details on the sword/hand and started on the bright (hopefully glowy) bit.


And when I went to change that one part of the king to gold, I realized I hadn't done any washes on his armor.  So I did the gold and then hit him with some washes too.




The Strong tone really takes down the shine on the blighted gold, but I think it helps make the fiery bits look brighter.  And I'll go back and shine up some bits that would catch light.



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I guess these are for my reference as much as anything...this is how I picture the breach occurring.


The wielder of the might mystic hammer of C4 hits the wall.




That spot is the target.  Those blocks are crushed utterly, and the force drives into the dirt and gravel that fills the interior of the wall.




It then blows out the back side of the wall, with a much larger exit hole than entry (hollow point hammer??)




Then the under supported upper bits collapse down, leaving a gap big enough for the giants to enter.


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I like the chipped more but the scale is wrong for what you are doing. (They are way to big and would make the giants look normal sized).  So flag stone it needs to be.  Pitty you couldn't rough up the sqaures so they don't look like tile going down but more like flagstone with its random pattern.  :down:

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Probably excessive, but I'd love to see what happened if you put on a thin layer of green stuff or mortar and used a Happy Seppuku stamp to made a flagstone courtyard instead of the premade tiles. Also, the flagstones should probably be recessed to be level with the ground outside of the keep.

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