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Probably excessive, but I'd love to see what happened if you put on a thin layer of green stuff or mortar and used a Happy Seppuku stamp to made a flagstone courtyard instead of the premade tiles. Also, the flagstones should probably be recessed to be level with the ground outside of the keep.

It'd be interesting to try, if I had such a stamp....


Just for information, they aren't premade, just pre-cast.  Hirst Arts makes the molds and you can cast them out of most anything from plaster of paris up to resin (which is hard on the molds). These are cast in die-keen (if I remember right, I could check the box later....) a dental plaster. Most of these I cast ages ago... I don't remember what the pinkish plaster was called...those are really old.


When I took the picture of the flagstones last night I just lined them up to make sure I had enough cast.  I've got a bunch of smaller pieces from the flagstone mold that you can intermix to break up the lines and make it look more random.

And I've planned all along for the interior of the keep to be higher, as the outside land will be sloped away from the castle.  I just haven't carved to yet, since I don't want a lot of Styrofoam bits all over the place while I'm gluing blocks.


Got a good bit of the wall glued now and starting to work on the rest of the tower. Once I get that sorted I can (finally) prime lavarath (since I won't be handling him/her? anymore to get the blocks right).

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So, I decided to stack up the blocks for the tower.




There will be an overhanging row of blocks at the top for a low wall (perhaps with crenelations) but I can't balance that up there without glue!


So is that tall enough or another tow or two?  (I already have NO idea how I'm going to take decent pictures of this.....)


How's the arrow slit look?  I have a plain one as well, this one was just handy.


As far as the wall, the undamaged end is done (other than filling it in was needed and the platform part).  The other side is finished on the tower side, but I still need to do the far end.


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Most castles in real life have quite low doors. Most Normans were about 5ft 4 so if you have to stoop that quite realistic.


In addition to that some castle also used to have quite low curtain walls as well so what you have mode does look quite realistic.


Can't wait to see how you break up the blocks.

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Brought the giants home tonight.  They are "finished" yet but they are close enough for now.  I need to get their placements perfected for the base.  And Monday I think I'll be starting Kyra.


Before I brought them home I got a little more done though.




The king got a second wash on the iron parts of his armor and the leather.


And I fixed up some stuff on the sword and hand.




I also tried out doing the glyphs in fire red.... not sure if I like it or not yet.  Thoughts?  Should they be darker?  Could go Walnut Brown for them...not sure yet.


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So, spent a lot of time with glue on my fingers this weekend but,




All the major structure for the wall is completed now.  Still lots to do on the base, but I'm much happier with where it is now.  Next up will be deciding on the wall top parts and finishing the top of the tower.  And starting the flagstones.  I'll probably start working on the slope outside the walls sometime this week too. Oh, and testing to see what primer I have that won't dissolve styrofoam....


And now for something .... completely different.




After painting giants for the last while, she's freaking tiny!!

I'm going to have the remember to go back to tiny spots of paint on the wet palette, instead of the giant blobs (plus add more half way through) I've been using.



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So, blood sugar.  When it's high it messes with you.  I don't recommend it.  When it has been high, and comes down, it can really mess with your eye-sight (something about sugar depositing behind your corneas or something, it's generally temporary).  When I was first diagnosed with diabetes 15ish years ago, as my sugars came down I stopped wearing my glasses for 3 and a half weeks. For the first time since grade 5. Then one afternoon they suddenly went back to normal.  Very weird.

So anyway, my sugars have been up, and now they are coming down.  This time, since Saturday, I've been wearing my painting glasses (which normally focus beautifully at about 2 feet and start to get blurry by 5 or 6) for things like driving and just walking around.  Right now they focus pretty much perfectly for every day tasks.  My regular glasses are useless, blurry as crap.

Needless to say, my painting glasses aren't as awesome as they usually are for painting....

Which is why I'm wondering why I tried to edge all of Kyra's armor plates with Rhulic Gold.




I'm actually pretty happy with how it came out so far.  There are lots of touch ups to do and bits to tweak, but a decent first day effort I think.  I also have her face where I'm pretty happy with it.

Gave myself a wicked headache all afternoon though...


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Did some more on Kyra today. 




My eyes haven't improved any so I think I'm going to leave her for a bit until they (hopefully) do.


So tonight is finalizing the low wall around the tower, as Lavarath has smashed part of it landing.

Once that is decided, time to start priming the great beast.

Then I need to finally decide on a red colour scheme. Looking at dragons I like the red of, the power palette inevitably suggests colours I don't have....


Any suggestions?


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While waiting for the glue to dry on the tower, I decided to bring down the giants and play with placement a bit.

This is pretty much what I envisioned all those months ago.






May change the orientation of the king a bit, once I get the debris from the wall in there.

Warrior will be facing off against a Gnome I think,




Bodyguard is ready to take out another chunk of wall.




Lavarath has just cleared the tower.

I think some 1/2 inch block crenelations would work on top of the wall up here. I'll try those out later.





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