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While waiting for greenstuff to dry (noticed a gap on lavarath while priming) I started on the flagstones.




The section that is just straight 1 inch tiles is going to be covered with dirt and debris so I'm not so worried about the lines there.  I think the rest will look pretty good once painted.


Which reminds me.  I tested all my spray primers tonight.  They all dissolve Styrofoam. Looks like I'll be just basecoating with craft paint unless someone can recommend a spray primer that is Styrofoam safe (and sold in Canada).


And I think I've decided on the main reds for lavarath.  Decided not to go really fire-y.




We'll see tomorrow when I put some on if I still like it....


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Got quite a bit done today.


At lunch I started basecoating Lavarath.



What  a huge beasty, and heavy.  Needless to say, there will be more basecoating going on tomorrow.


This evening I mostly completed putting down the flagstones.  All that is left are a bunch of the edge pieces that need cutting. 




I also put on the last piece of the top of the wall.



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Thanks J!  I really need to get caught up on your WIPs.


Another lunch, more basecoating.  




So many little spots to touch up....

The base coat is fairly solid now, except for some touchups needed on the wing in particular, and a few spots around the neck that I didn't get to before running out of time.

I'll also likely do another fairly complete coat of the red to even out the colour.

And any more tiny white spots that I find of course...there are so many ways to turn it where you find a new angle...


But now its the weekend, so lots of work on the base to do.


And apparently I'm supposed to buy some gifts or something....



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Just a little update tonight.




Finished laying the flagstones.  Just need to even out the edges a bit after all the glue dries.


Next on the list are:


Creating debris, broken blocks, etc.

Closing in the openings in the walls

Putting a wall/crenelations on the wall

Making the outside of the wall a slope.

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Went with making a slope as my next task.





Started with my old styrofoam cutter, but that was too slow and hard to get in where I wanted, so upgraded to the dremel.

Boy does that make a mess!!


I'll go back and smooth it out a little, maybe change the shape slightly, after a bit.  




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More progress.




I've reshaped the hill a bit.  Cut styrofoam to fit most of the space in the walls.  They will be "filled" with rock and earth.

Put the low wall with crenelations on the wall, and added some broken pieces to the walls. And glue the piece of wall that fell from the tower to the courtyard.


So next should (I think) come the debris in the courtyard from the wall being breached.

Think I'll use some Milliput (sigh, had to run down to look, couldn't remember the name....) to fill out the area of the debris, put in all the broken blocks and such, and then put sand/gravel where needed. Hopefully that makes sense.  


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So progress, and a problem.




This is my progress on the debris from the wall.


The problem is that that is the last of my Milliput....and I'd rather not use up all my green stuff on this thing.


Anyone know if Canadian Michael's carry Milliput or an equivalent?

If not it looks like I'll be ordering some.  Hope the hobby shop in Halifax has some in stock!



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