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01531: Kyria the Barbarian WIP

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Looking good so far Siri, happy to see you getting into this figure as I know you are more comfortable with the big-uns. 

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I'm still rather nervous but i'm attempting to stop being so hesitant with the small figures and just dive in and do them  ::P:


That's the best way, just keep going, she's looking wonderful!

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It really helps to have a surge of inspiration for a mini ^.^ that is how I got so much work done in short time on Kaladrax and Nethyrmaul

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looking good but is that a flash line on her left thigh/knee area?  seen from the behind photo.


yea it is. I noticed it while taking hte picture. I'm deciding if I want to try and file it >.< The problem is that it is very very close to her leg already, and I don't think there is much to shave at all, yet it still shows up so prominently despite that 

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Siri, I think you win for fastest out of the gate on this figure.

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I would attack it if you could.. possibly add some liquid GS around it to smooth out the transistion and make it less of a sharp line if you dont want to file it down.  you can then redo the skin tones.   The leg is looking very good and the line does detract from that.  


but that is only my opinion based on the pictures.

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