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Spirit of the Forest


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Looking good!  Some parts look like they might benefit from a wash, like the vine around the legs.

I ordered one of these in my last order because I've seen them on the forum and they look really fun to paint (I missed KS1)


Yeah, they are a blast. You think with such a big guy the job will be cumbersome, but there isn't a lot to him, you can get away with a much larger brush earlier on while you are building up layers and there isn't a lot of palette-paralysis over which colors to use. 

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Hmmm. I think I used all of my main browns in layers. Dark shadow, muddy, earth, and maybe my red brown sparingly for some variance here and there (name escapes me at the moment). For highest highlights I mixed in either khaki highlight or polished bone, those are generally my go to colors for wood edges.


Washed in black ink for shaded areas, brown ink (old gw inks) for areas that needed more cohesion.

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