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Fishnjeeps paints translucent fire bones!

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Somewhere someone on this board used the clear tamiya paints on their translucent bones, I can't remember who it was offhand, and I tried it and have painted all of my translucent bones with this paint first. I though I'd show the difference that this paint makes on these figures by painting two fire elementals. I slathered Tamiya clear red onto both figures generously. Unlike most basecoats, a thick coat won't obscure details like regular paint would, it just take longer to dry. 


A word of warning, while this paint does clean up with water, it is still a solvent based paint and does have an odor, take precautions and use in a ventilated area, also don't use your good Kolinsky brushes as this paint WILL STAIN brushes (and Jeans). I used a synthetic flat bristle brush size 2 for the basecoating.


So, on to the Pictoral commentary...



This is the Medium Fire Elemental right out of the package.



And this is the same elemental after being painted in Tamiya Clear red paint. Bear in mind that this paint is dried when the picture was taken.



Here is a (Hopefully) better side by side comparison with the Large fire elemental.


And here is just the large fire elemental after being painted.




I will be adding other fire colors as I go, I've already started adding some yellow details to the large Elemental and I'll post and update as I get each color added. hopefully this helps some of you who are looking to intensify the coloring of your translucent bones. This also works with the Green translucents and tamiya clear green.

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Excellent. I wonder how well this would work on my translucent homemade gelatinous cubes?

I didn't think Jell-O shots would take paint. :;):


But seriously, the Tamiya clears are just acrylic paint so as long as your figures will take acrylics you should be good.


Edit: also, Fishnjeeps I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Laoke. That's who gave me the idea to try this same thing anyway.

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More progress here. I'm trying a couple different things with these just to see what the difference is. On the Large fire elemental, I'll be continuing with normal paint to get the details picked out. I'm hoping the clearer red will give me a better depth than I can get with my normal painting style. Plus then I can attempt to light it to get a different effect. On the medium fire elemental, I'm going to be painting mostly with the tamiya clears. I want to get a feel for how these tamiya paints work and see if I can get a good fire effect from it. I didn't do much last night, but It's progress.


On the Large fire elemental, I"m painting many of the deeper parts in MSP HD Saffron Yellow. Since the yellow in fire is hotter than red, I'm trying to keep it in the deeper parts where it would be hotter. I'll layer some white over it in the deepest holes as well.


On the Medium fire elemental, I added some tamiya clear smoke to the wings, hair, and hands. I want this one to look like it is cooler than the large one so it will have more of a smoke look. I'm liking the effect so far. I also painted the face in MSP HD Maiden Flesh and the eyes were painted MSP Explosion Orange.The face will need another coat but I think it will look good once done. I need to go pick up the rest of the tamiya colors I need to finish this one. So far I like it the best.


On to the pics!




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