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For Call of Cthulhu: Horrors of War: A Covenant With Death by Scott Glancy

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World War One-themed supplement for Call of Cthulhu.




This is currently about halfway through its funding period. Seems to have gone largely unnoticed but it just about to fund. Those familiar with Pagan Publishing will know they put out intensely satisfying material for CoC. Delta Green etc.


Surprisingly, there is currently no pdf, as one of the authors apparently has a beef with such newfangled jeejaws and doodads. No sir, he don't like it!!


Also, it is using 6th edition. I have asked why. If I get an answer I will share it here.




EDIT: Here is his answer to my question.


"Because the final product for 7th Edition has not been released yet. I can't write scenarios for a rule edition that I do not know."


He hasn't yet responded to my subsequent comment noting the recent appearance of the backer proof for 7th edition.

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