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Lexomatic's 4 minis WIP: Orc Berserker 77059, Tiik Warrior 77186, Michelle Ranger 77022, Small Ferocious Feline P02198B

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I'm just getting started on this, posting a new thread to motivate me to stay on top of things.

Internet is a bit slow today, so hopefully I'm not straying too far from the new guidelines.


I'll post pictures when my internet is better


The Orc Berseker will be an experinent in the Ollie Kickflip layering/blending method... so the reverse of my other orcs. I'm also using different colours for the skin - a more olive-y scheme. I'm going to base him the same way as my other orcs, all at the same time, so I'll probably do a show-off thread with all of them.


The Tiik warrior will be a tester for some ideas for my Kraken from the Bones II kickstarter. Incidentally, somewhat similar to the paint job for the tiik champion.


The Ranger Michelle, is a mini I'm painting for my gf, her colour scheme on request.

The Ferocious feline is inspired by our cat Moose (who you can see in my avatar).


Considering my schedule, I think I will be lucky to finish these this year, but I really hope I can.

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Finally some action!

Week recap:


Did some flash removal; was super proud about how thorough I was being, and have since discovered tons I missed. So glad I'm not at a competition level yet.

His base has been trimmed and he is pinned. Later today the wire will be trimmed.


post-12970-0-46449300-1409670632.jpg post-12970-0-52940000-1409670634.jpg


I did a basecoat of his skin (sun yellow, ghost white, and moldy skin) which is a great recipe for avocado colour, FYI. 3 thin coats of that and we're off.




I also did a basecoat of the armor, with some ghost white, mixed with a craft paint rainy grey. I had to ruin a very nice look with a wash of brown liner, but how else am I to learn? impatient!





I did a couple of pale basecoats involving leather white, and really... you can't see much going on.But these next pics give people a starting point:

post-12970-0-30957100-1409670641.jpg post-12970-0-22082800-1409670643.jpg


Ferocious Feline:

Same as above. I also did a wash of brown liner, because I wanted to see the effect, and it looks to me like it was newly primed. So much more to do here.


post-12970-0-78684200-1409670626.jpg post-12970-0-31871200-1409670664.jpg post-12970-0-40698900-1409670666.jpg



Just a prime and a wash in brown liner. I don't have use of my space today, so I didn't want to start something time-consuming and difficult. I've decided not to do super difficult eyes here, because they're pretty small. I'll practice eyes on the tiik.


post-12970-0-67155900-1409670628.jpg post-12970-0-46463800-1409670630.jpg


Photos soon once I've had a chance to get them off my phone.

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I just had a massive accident at home where shelves collapsed all over the place. Outside of a vintage floor lamp things look okay. Books slammed the lid of my laptop shut and it only appears to have a few scratches on the case. My father in law is coming over on the weekend and we're going to fix it up.


All in all I got off lucky.


That said I probably won't update for a while and I couldn't for most of today due to dns issues.

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So tonight's update is a layer of moldy skin/pale lichen.

and a layer of grey sky, then grey sky/rainy grey on the armor.

It took a while to figure out where to place stuff, and it's really too soon to see if I got it right... right? I touched up the eyes while I was at it.

post-12970-0-20315200-1410404489_thumb.png post-12970-0-68072900-1410404524_thumb.png

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So... not much to report. Pins have been trimmed, and he is now mounted on a cork for painting. I've also done the prototype for the bases - cork on a plastic base. I have not had time to put the pumice medium on or the basing.

I hope to do a little painting today, but most likely I will not have time until next weekend... but maybe Wednesday. I now have 1 day off every 2 weeks.

I have to prep for the beginning of renos on Tuesday, so nothing else gets done until then.


I'll add a picture later after I get it off my phone.

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And some work on the Tiik.


post-12970-0-71877800-1414373766.jpg post-12970-0-13399600-1414373775.jpg post-12970-0-98015600-1414373779_thumb.jpg


I used some Reaper clears to try and copy this.

I decided I wanted to mirror on the ends of the arms and legs, but I'm not wild about how it turned out. I AM happy with how stuff looked on the scales, though I'm a little sad that the scale highlights didn't show up at all after the glazes.


The eyes are rusty brown over blue liner with ghost white for reflection. I don't know how you guys get those little eyes so detailed. I had problems with the giant eyes.


Any ideas for what to do with the limbs would be appreciated.

Still lots to do on this.

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