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Song of Blades and Heroes


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At 300 points, 2 shooters is interesting, but I like to fit a magic user in there.  Orcs and humans do fairly well getting 2 shooters and a magic user (using the profiles in the core book) in at that level.  Elves, given their "higher" quality levels, and higher general cost, have trouble getting that combination.  I am going to expand out to 600 points soon.


My warbands earlier in the thread are what I think of.  If you're using bones, what type of warband do you want?  I look at it from that perspective and build from there.  I use the profiles in the books, but I modify them slightly to fit my warband theme when needed.  So far, we've only played "kill the other guy" scenarios.  I think that a "supply run" or other type of fast moving scenario would be something good to have different warbands than I have been using.


The idea of SoBH is to play what you want.  I like the idea of building multiple warbands for scenarios.  Perhaps building a theme force for each scenario, the warhammer link above could give great insight into building for scenarios.

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I find I'm fascinated by the Black Orc Bones figs so i plan a Warband using those. I'd also like an Elven one. Undead. I guess the typical tropes. Then I also plan to do an adventurers one. Then maybe a Fellowship with nine members.

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There are lots of links out there.  I'm looking forward to a narrative campaign in the near future with my boys, but terrain must be made...  or we have to go to our FLGS and steal some table space. 


I'm looking forward to doing the latter.  I hope you enjoy your games, and feel free to post your warbands/ideas in the future!

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Mods, apologies if this is inappropriate to post here.


I just wanted to point out that the Fightin' Fungi kickstarter began today (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/9742092/fightin-fungi-28mm-fantasy-miniatures).  It's focus is a new line of fungi-man miniatures, but the rules are based on SBH.  Even if like me, you're not interested in the minis, for $10 you get a PDF of the rules which includes several new options for regular games of SBH.  I'm particularly excited about the new rules for magic.  I love the simplicity of SBH, but I always felt that the magic system was a little too simple and really didn't create a thematic fantasy experience.  It sounds like this new addition will really improve the game.

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Actually, their Kickstarter is somewhat appropriate (although could be split into the Kickstarter Forum).  I am not displeased with their fantasy magic system, although I'd like AoE's for more powerful wizards rather than the "Legendary Wizard" quality. 

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And another pair of games for me this evening.  Playing the heroic humans versus the shifty elves and horrifying Orc tide individually in 600 point games.


Human Warband:

Human Leader, Q3 C4 Leader

Human Cleric, Q3, C3 Cleric

Human Magic User ("Warmage")  Q3 C3 Magic-User

4 Human Crossbowmen Q3 C3 (Shooter: Long)

5 Human Warriors Q3 C3

2 Halfling Archers (Q4, C2) (Shooter: Medium, Short move)

1 Halfling Veteran (Q4, C3) (Short Move)

1 Human Light Cavalry Q3 C3 (Mounted, Long Move)


Orc Warband: 

Orc Leader Q3 C4 Leader

Orc Magic user Q4, C2 Magic User

Orc Eye of Gruumsh, Q3, C4 Savage, Combat Master

Ogre Warrior Q4 C4 Big, Long Move

Ogre Shooter Q4 C3 Big, Long Move, Shooter (Medium)

2 Orc Elige Archers Q4 C3 Shooter (Medium), Unerring Aim

5 Orc Warriors Q4 C3

3 Orc Savages Q4 C3 (Savage)

2 Orc Heavy Savages Q4 C4 (Savage, Short Move)



Elf Commander Q2 C5

Elf Mage Q2 C2 Magic User

Elf Sneak Q2 C3 Stealthy, Forester

Elf Elite Archer Q2 C3 (Shooter: Long, Good Shot, Unerring Aim)

Wood Elf Elite Archer Q3, C3 (Shoooter: Long, Forester, Unerring Aim)

3 Elf Spearmen Q2 C3

2 Wood Elf Warriors Q3 C3 (Forester)

Elf Archer Q2 C3 (Shooter: Long)


Game 1 vs Orcs.  Hordes and hordes of the buggers. 

This game hinged on a building, which the orcs were supposed to burn down.  They didn't bother once they saw the humans!  They swarmed the road leading up to the humans, with the crossbowmen sneaking through the forest behind the building, the Weaponmaster went into the forest after them...  the crossbowmen were slaughtered like sheaves of wheat.  Two gruesome kills later, and no more crossbows.  The Human Cav took down the Ogre shooter, nearly single-handedly, before tying up the Orc leader near the Orc savages on the fourth round. He was all the way at the back of the orc's deployment, and nearly got the orc leader.  Then the orc leader stood up and ordered the savages to assault the cav...  a KD and then FIVE attacks later (all with the C of the Cav lowered due to sheer numbers), the Cavalry was no more.  After that, there was one remaining Orc Archer scored a Gruesome kill on a lucky shot into the Human Warmage, rolling a nine and hitting the warmage when in combat with the remaining Ogre (so -1 to the Warmage's C), the warmage rolled a 1...  Yep, everyone around the warmage had to test for morale vs. a Gruesome kill.  This was what turned the battle for the orcs for sure, as, just afterwards, the remaining ogre was killed, but there was no recovery due to no longer having a leader (yep, free hack). 


Game 2 vs. Elves, aka the fields of slaughter.


Slightly different layout here, but the idea was the elves were to be repelled due to encroaching on the human kingdom.  The humans owned this, despite the elves having some really good rolls and dazing the heck out of the human warriors and one archer.  It came down to surrounding the elven leader with 5 models, one of which was the Human leader.  a single attack later, and the elven leader was defeated.  The elves made some poor deployment choices, and chose to split his forces in a negative manner.  His archers were directly in the front, center of the battlefield, while his Spearmen were trying to run to flank the humans from behind (they did, but too late), while the sneak and wood elven warriors ran the opposite flank.  He didn't have the numbers for that type of tactic, which would have been brutal if he'd had two-three more of those models.  The high quality levels of the elves really do hinder them in terms of numbers.  Running this versus the humans or the orcs is very hard. 


Overall, the boys had great fun.  Both battles took about an hour and 15 minutes versus opponents who are just getting into this style of game.  They really enjoy it, so I think a campaign will actually happen...  as soon as I figure out a good setup.

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The boys are having a lot of fun with it.  We are using the "base to base" rule, and we're not finding any problems with the minis, other than having to turn them around (facing's no big deal with SOBH).  They're 8 and 11, and this is both of their second wargame (after Warmachine).  Both seem to like this game better for its simplicity.  Then again, we alternate between this, Tsuro, and Boss Monster. 


I'm going to be doing some insane things in the near future, like adding a couple of really terrifying monsters into the game (a "HUGE" dragon is being queued up for painting right now on a 60mm base, after I finish a couple other minis). 


My personal  scale follows rules to allow for the widest variety of figures:


15mm  bases are for "Small" figures, still hammering out this rule (not sure what to do with it, but I have minis that fit this category)

20-30mm is for all "normal" sized figures.

40-50mm is for all "Big" sized figures (Cavalry bases go here)

60-80mm is for "Huge" figures (Monstrous Cavalry goes here, as do the really big monsters on Heroquest peanuts)

90-120mm is for "Gargantuan" figures. (Chariots go here)

130-200mm is for really terrifying things that will have the Gargantuan rule at minimum. (Angry, Walking buildings go here)


I think I have covered most all the base sizes.  Sadly, the Warlord figures on 50mm bases only get 'Big' not 'Huge.'

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