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Storm Giant and Cloud Giant


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I like the way you worked her brocoli base in without having to cut it off.


Yeah, sometimes I get sick of snipping around the base and trying not to cut the mini, so I just try to integrate it. My hell hound is like that too, though probably less noticeable: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/56469-a-few-smaller-enemy-bones-oxidation-beast-stone-and-clay-golems-hell-hound/


I don't know why I didn't base the male, I probably just didn't have a big enough one handy and decided to skip it. He stands pretty well too, so that was probably part of it.

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Love the seafoam green armor on Yephima.



Me, too.


What paints are needed to get such color?

I wish I could tell you, I know specifally which bottle I used, but it was an old GW paint rebottled in a dropper with no label. Pretty sure the shade was just adding old GW blue ink to the mix, and a coat of the same ink in the recesses. Then slowly adding white to the base color for highlights. Sorry can't name the base for you though.

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