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Speechless. The scene works beautifully, even if the character on the air's cape does make it seem she is flying backwards, which is contrary to what I would assume from the aggresive, kicking forwards stance...

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Nice clean OSL work!  The scene suffers a little from a lack of focus though.  It feels like a technical exercise rather than a story.  Although I really like that the characters engaged in the duel are interacting with each other.  so often you see a scene like this and its just two models standing on the same base.  It is nice to see them doing something.  I think with a little sculpting work it could have made the scene more compelling.  have him grabbing her ankle or look like he is swinging his sword at her or even have one of them striking a blow.  Add drama or some subtle color to draw the eye to a particular spot.  It just lacks that little extra something.  I'm with Willen too, her cape just doesn't work. 


Well deserved recognition on a very well executed piece.  Really good job.

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Beautiful color balance...and well played highlighting.

Really Great Painting, thanks for sharing this.

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Wow, the OSL is fantastic. The cloak does make for odd story-telling, as Willen pointed out. Maybe the Jedi kicked, and is now being force pushed backwards?

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You're SURE that's all paint? You didn't wire up some tiny LEDs in those lightsabers? Very impressive work! I read the green-sabered Jedi as being Force Pushed away by the Sith.


I want to ask for technique tutorials, but the whole piece is so well put-together and so far above my level that I don't even know where to start!

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I'd also like to point out these are the best painted lightsabers I've ever seen.


Yeah, some people really DO master painting with actual light, it seems.

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