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Some Mid-sized Enemy Bones (Eye Beast, Flesh Golem, Lizardman, Owlbear)


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I think that'll do for a couple months, hopefully I didn't bombard everyone too hard with my stuff over the last week or so. I tried to space it out. Anyway, here's the remaining mini's from my last photo session...


The flesh golem was a super fun paint. Also, ugh for the mold lines. I must stink at seeing these on bones. Never notice one or two 'til I get them posted...





Eyebeast was a pretty straight forward job. 



This lizardman I did not batch paint with his brethren, as it was my first lizardman I've painted and wanted to just focus on figuring out a palette. 




And I'd like to say last but not least, but really I didn't do too much with the Owlbear, just a quick clean paint job. Didn't even really bother to stuff his cracks with green stuff.




Thanks everyone for looking (at everything this week)!


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I really like the Eye Beast. Nicely done. That owlbear is such a goofy model. I can't really expect a serious "owlbear", but I keep trying to figure out how to paint mine that won't look like a muppet.

Put a goblin in.its mouth....




Haha, that'll do. Yeah, I struggled with it, but after pinning the thing to get it's hind leg straight I just thought it would be easy to knock the sucker out quickly. It's not my favorite model, but I did it really quick, tried to keep it real clean, and got it out of the way. 

You can really knock it out quickly, 95% of the model is one texture, so if you aren't doing anything too complicated with the feather coat, it's a pretty fast paint.

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Good job on all of them. Don't worry to much about the mold lines; looking at something blown up 2 or 3 times it's actual size in a photo tends to bring out all sorts of things that aren't generally too noticeable in person.

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What colors did you use for the flesh golem's skin tones?

Haha, all of them.


There are various shades of purples, greys, and flesh tones, mixes of those, and black and brown inks. I really layered a lot in there to try to get a varied look. My base purple I use is imperial purple, and my normal grey is rainy grey. Pretty sure I started the whole thing with leather brown though, then wash the purple on top of that, then moved into grey and flesh mixes, adding purple, black, and brown back in wherever I felt like it was getting too uniform.

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