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Emperor Lucius Standing by Jasonator

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FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC JAY!! Great work all around with the painting, basing, and pictures. Level up!

Such Praise from you Ub3r means a great deal to me.

Thank you for your support,and suggestions...


I agree with ub3r you have earned that level.

Your Praise means a great deal to me also Dontfear. 

Your advice and insight has been very instrumental in my decisions as to how I paint my miniatures

You, Ub3r and Cashwiley have given me so wonderful advice as to brush control, and methods of painting.

Thank you all for teaching me, so that I can put out the above Emperor Lucius.

I have totally enjoyed painting this piece.

EN:  Need to write in English, not Norwegian spelling

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I miss models that look like this, reminds me of some of the toys I had as a kid.

I never thought of that, those old leaden toys were amazing !

and now worth a fortune !

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The shield really steals the show on this one.  Nicely done!  ^_^

I also took your other advice to heart.  I order three more miniatures that do NOT have Helmets covering their faces.

Gwenyvere the Queen, Sir Galahad, and Sir Kay.  So the next batch I paint WILL be more human for you,

plus its always a lot of fun to work with expressions, and hair.. Helmets tend to be the same !

Edited by Jasonator

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Great job!  Love the armor, shield, and cape.  In the second picture it looks like Arthur throwing the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

ROFL... I forgot all about the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch...Hehehehhehehhehehehe

Too Funny.

That brought tears to my eyes...

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You're getting better and better. Now start painting those bases. :D 

Darius, I'm trying to work out a way that I will CARVE my own bases.. heck with painting the plastic ones.

I celebrate one year as a miniature painter tomorrow, I'm just gearing up, and still learning.

I have lots of aspirations; but I must admit, I need to get the painting, the conception,attainment , the basing, and the blasted photography down before I concentrate

on painting the bases... Though that is on my list..   Glad I am retired, I would be ragged !


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