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Weird. I got my missing ones, and an Emperor with 2 right legs...great now I have to get it replaced again. Then I looked at the Emperor it was replacing, and it had 2 left legs. So in effect their mistake gave me 2 complete minis rather than 1 complete mini and 1 incomplete mini.


Did they plan it that way?




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Top Posters In This Topic

All Rewards have been shipped.

All missing product from rewards has been shipped.

We will continue to work with backers if any new reports come in, but we are officially counting this project as complete!

We will no longer be monitoring the Kickstarter comments periodically, so should you need to contact us, please send an email to [email protected] with all relevant information.
This includes your backer email address, your order number(s) if you know them (they should be in the Pledge Manager page under Completed Orders). Be sure to tell us which project you are inquiring about - we have launched 4 kickstarters, after all.

Please continue your conversations in the CAV Forum.

Thank you all for your patience, for a great experience, and Happy Big Stompy Robots!

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