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I'm in.


Bones CAV means I can bring the durn things to the convention with me without the TSA wanting to know why I'm bringing along one small item of hand luggage that weighs more than I do...



It is fun to watch the faces of the people working the x ray machines though.

When I attended Reapercon '14, I was nervous. First time I'd flown in. I'd always driven, before.

I put my bag of old metal (for the adoption table) in my carryon, and when I had to go through the machines, I took it out. Didn't want anyone thinking I was hiding anything, and my first thought was that they'd figure my laptop and Kindle were some sort of detonators, and the metal was intended to be shrapnel...

Sure enough, as I went through the pornoscanner, I saw someone at the X ray machine holding up my bag of metal with a puzzled look on his face. He spoke to another guy, who then took the bag, scanned the crowd... and immediately fixed on me. I mentally sighed and prepared to explain myself, and hoped this would not become difficult.

It did not become difficult. Instead, the TSA guy grinned, handed me my bag, and said, "You play Warhammer?"

Plainly, these days, there are a hell of a lot more of us than the mundanes think there are...

I had a similar experience coming back from Gen Con back in 2000. I bought a bunch of Demonworld 15mm figures and rather than keep them in he packages I took them all and put them in a 52 ounce travel mug to save space in the carryon. Didn't stop to think what that would look like on the X-ray. Overheard one operator tell the other don't worry about that one, that super hero convention is in town. ::P:
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wow, big goal added, but what's a dingo and will there be something for it to eat?


It's a Terran tank that likes to eat Rach infantry.


The Dingo might be able to eat Rach infancy, but only because they are too small to properly wield their weapons.  But leave it to the Terrans to attack a Rach nursery cache, and then brag about their victory.

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