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ZN Games Fantasy Miniatures & Steampunk Airships, Now Live


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ZN Games Fantasy Miniatures & Steampunk Airships






The Project


Chris Bledsoe was a bright light in the miniatures gaming community. He helped create rules for Warzone, Chronopia, Mutant Chronicles, and Crucible. He had key roles at both Heartbreaker and Ral Partha. In 2001, he opened ZN Games to pursue starting his personal dream of creating his own miniatures and games. However just as he could get started, Chris passed away from cancer in 2002.


Chris's story was a powerful one to me as I have long hoped if anything happened to me that the work I've done on Impact! could continue. I've been in discussions with Chris's father (Kevin) and he has agreed to work with Impact! to return Chris's ZN Games line of miniatures to production. .


The funding goal of $5000 will allow us to bring back 41 of the original ZN Games miniatures to retail production along with 1 new figure from the Goblinaid campaign. We selected a mix of fantasy adventurers and airships for the starting miniatures. More figures will be added to the KickStarter with stretch goals when reached.


Kevin Bledsoe and Impact! have also agreed to establish after the KickStarter is over a Pay-It-Forward memorial in Chris Bledsoe's name. 10% of the sales of any of these figures made by Impact! after this KickStarter will be used to fund other miniature KickStarters so that Chris' love of miniatures can help other companies successfully fund their dreams of creating miniatures. We will regularly report in the comments of this KickStarter the amounts in this fund so it 100% transparent.


We want your feedback, so please leave comments. We plan to engage our backers and would love ideas for what figures should be unlocked next as stretch goals.


Minis are spincast Trollcast resin

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Thanks for posting Orlando.


Points will work the same as the last KS we ran.  $1 = 1 point at the lowest reward levels.   From there you get extra points with each pledge level up to getting 290 points at the $250 pledge level.   Every $10,000 stretch goal reach adds free points to most of the reward levels.


Working on getting images for the 11 I'm missing from the above chart.


And Dan ... you probably do have the Enlightened Ranger from way back.   The figure was originally released in 1994 by Heartbreaker. Chris Bledsoe worked in a key role at Heartbreaker and was given the rights to bring the Heartbreaker line back as part of his ZN Games line.


Tom @ Impact!

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