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Fall 2014 Miniature Exchange

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With the successful completion of the Summer Exchange (modulus a few remaining packages), it's time to ramp up for fall!  This exchange will be on a slightly tighter timeframe than usual so that we have room for the Secret Sophie gift exchange at the end of the year.  Signups will run from September 1 to September 10, with the assignments going out no later than September 15th.  You will have two months (not the usual three) to mail your miniature out.

If you've never done an exchange before, how it works is like this: Everyone who is interested PMs me with the questionnaire below filled out. I then match you with a person whom you will paint a mini for, and a second person whom you will receive a painted mini from (sometimes it's the same person). You have until the deadline to send your mini out (though we tend to be fairly lax about enforcing deadlines; remember it's supposed to be fun!). That's pretty much it, feel free to PM me with questions.
So, without further ado...
The Rules
1. Reaper minis are the focus.  If you want to paint more than one miniature, you may do so.  If you wish to include other gifts for your recipient, you may do so, but please keep them small.  There is no hard and fast rule, but keeping the value less than the price of a single miniature is a good rule of thumb.  The focus of the exchange should be a Reaper product.
2. Please don't contact your partner unless they have listed themselves as okay with contact. I've included it on the questionnaire, so you'll know who wants to keep it secret and who doesn't.
3. Try really hard to get your miniature out by the deadline.  Let me know if you are going to be late.
4. If you are mailing internationally and plan to send more than just the one painted miniature, you must contact your recipient to get any "bonus items" approved.  We don't want any trouble with customs.
5. Have fun!
The deadline to mail out miniatures for this exchange will be two months from when assignments are sent out, on November 15th.
Assignments Deadline
I will send the assignments out in two weeks (September 15th).  Please let me know if you're interested by the 10th.  I can't make any guarantees if you're late, but I will try to make arrangements.

Exchange Assistant
ub3r_n3rd will be helping me run this exchange.  He will coordinate and communicate with approximately half the participants.  You can contact either of us if you have any questions or issues.


Figure Exchange Questionnaire
-Mailing Infomation-
-Miniature Information-
What can you paint?
What do you want to receive?
What DON'T you want to receive?
What material you want to receive?
Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?
What style of basing would you prefer?
Would you be willing to have multiple exchange partners?

Please give your partner some inspiration, especially if you have very few preferences above.
-Personal Information-
Will you ship internationally?
Would you like to know who is painting for you?
Would you like your partner to know who is painting for them?
Is there anybody you would prefer not to paint for?  (please include why)

-Special Requests-
For the organizer, your painter, or your recipient:

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Figure Exchange Questionnaire - Examples and Notes
-Mailing Infomation-
Name:         Fanguad Notmyrealname
Address:    1234 Liberty Dr.
                  Boston, MA 12345
Notes: Remember to include your zip code and country.  Please format this correctly for your county in case you have an international partner.
-Miniature Information-
What can you paint?  Fantasy PCs or monsters
Examples: fantasy, sci-fi, monsters, PCs, women, undead, demons, etc
What do you want to receive?  Fantasy enemies for my players to fight!  Monsters or human(ish) are both fine.
Examples: mouslings, necromancers, warriors, dual-wielders, etc
What DON'T you want to receive?  No nudity please.  I have plenty of goblins, so I don’t need more.
Examples: gross, nudity, undead, kobolds, animals, etc
What material you want to receive?  I’m fine with any material
Notes: Reaper miniatures come in Bones, resin and metal
Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?  No preference.
Notes: If you’re asking for a miniature to be used in army, you can ask your partner to match the colors.
What style of basing would you prefer? Plain or basic - I will use these miniatures in my PFRPG games.
Examples: round or square preference? Unbased, plain base (simple black base), basic base (standard sized base with some scenic elements), or scenic base (fancy base not really suitable for gaming)
Would you be willing to have multiple exchange partners? Yes, I love painting!
Notes: If yes, specify if there is a limit (though it is unlikely you’ll have more than 2)
Please give your partner some inspiration, especially if you have very few preferences above.
I’m starting the PFRPG Adventure Path “Jade Regent†soon.  Try painting non-human skin tones.  My favorite color is blue.  “Winter is comingâ€
Notes: Consider this a non-binding word of inspiration for your partner.  If they’re stuck and can’t figure out what to paint, maybe this will help them.  No need to repeat your preferences above.
Examples: Are there any books or movies you’ve enjoyed recently?  Is there a challenge or technique you’d like your partner to try?  How about some song lyrics or a quote from a book?

-Personal Information-
Will you ship internationally? Yes
Notes: Be aware that postage costs will be higher than domestic postage.  If you mail internationally, you will need permission from your partner to include other gift items so that we don’t run afoul of customs.  Most participants in these exchanges are located in the USA.
Would you like to know who is painting for you? No
Examples: Yes, No, No Preference
Notes: If you say yes, your preference will be communicated to your partner.  It will be up to them to contact you.

Would you like your partner to know who is painting for them? No
Examples: Yes, No, No Preference
Notes: You can contact them directly to work out details or ask for advice.  We will attempt to match people with similar preferences, but can’t guarantee this is the case.

Is there anybody you would prefer not to paint for?  (please include why)    I painted for johndoe123 in the last miniature exchange.
Notes:  If you like to paint for a variety of different people, you can list those you’ve painted for in the past.  We will do our best to pair you with someone new.  Another situation is that you know certain people in real life, and would prefer to paint for someone you don’t know.
-Special Requests-
For the organizer, your painter, or your recipient:

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Teskeria has already been looking forward to this as have I.


I sent her an e-mail so she will know in the morning about the start of this.


I am in for certain!

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Of course, as the assistant to running it, I'm in again.


Looking forward to seeing what everyone paints up this time around too!

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Clarification: if you want to paint for someone new, you need to tell me the names of who you've previously paint for.  I don't have a list of everyone's previous partners.

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