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Froggy the Great

The Nathi Army

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In The Worlds In My Head, there exist two elemental races with a common creation myth and an undying enmity: The Nathi (hereafter referred to as the "Elemental Nathi") and the Silmn. Both humanoid, the Elemental Nathi body was a black light-eating metal and you felt rather than saw their features.  The Silmn were creatures of exquisite beauty with bodies of crystalline flesh - appearing as normal humans made of translucent frosted glass. 

Centuries of war were, of course, inevitable as the races spread across the galaxy and finally met Humanity.  There now exists a loose confederation of Humanity allied with the Silmn, Humanity allied with the hybrid race resulting from Elemental Nathi mixing with Humans (disconcertingly also called "Nathi") and out in the far galactic rim, the Elemental Nathi and their spiderlike network of influence.

The armies of the hybrid Nathi race were built with "Eisenkern" models from Dreamforge games and cast by Wargames Factory:









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