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60100: The Horned Hunter


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I'll see what I can do about some better pics.


EDIT: It may take a day or two. I have to hit the photo booth at just the right time of day for it not to be washed out. I've only got one spot I can set it up in, and it gets backlit at certain times of day.


The base is a 30mm round-lipped Secret Weapon "Corpse Fields" I has left over from my Noh Empire.

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Looking good on this guy. I like the fur and hooves especially.


His skin looks sort of reddish.  Is this just the lighting?  If he is actually red, then that's a pretty cool idea. I hope the horns are attached to his helmet.  Otherwise he's never going to be able to take it off.   Also, are you going to string the bow? (I just realized he's a lefty. he's holding the bow in his right hand).

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Okay, as promised better lighting and some follow up comments:


As you can see better in these photos, his skin is not red, it is indeed just the lighting I get at certain times of day:






His horns are also not black, but dark brown with a little black in the deepest shadows:




And some close ups of the base, as requested. It's actually about 3mm deep, from the top of the lip, I'd guess. It's still a little tough to see through the water effects, but I used the undead flesh triad on the corpse, some GW olives on the mossy bits, and a sample that looks remarkably like mud on the, well, muddy bits. All generously coated in the ubiquitous Argax Earthshade.








As far as the bow goes, I doubt I'll string it. My minis usually get well-used, and the less repair work I have to do, the happier I am. Not that I don't think he wouldn't look better with a strung bow, mind you. I'm just fairly certain that one of my players and/or children would decide he'd look better with a snapped bowstring. Repeatedly.

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