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Stonehaven Gnome Wizard WIP

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I just started my Stonehaven Gnome Wizard and was hoping for color advice. I didn't plan out my colors in advance for this one as he was intended to be a quick paint up for an upcoming character for D&D. And now I am a bit stuck for the colors of his shoes, and they are quite the shoes for this little guy. 

I sat and stared at his shoes for about 30 mins mind you while I should've been actually putting paint on him. I was thinking a dark brown, but I am not sure. What do you guys think?


Oh and since we are on color advice what opinions does everyone have on his flame and crystals?


Without further ado here is the state I left him in for now



He is going to be a forest gnome illusionist hence the green and I plan on making a forest base with tiny mushrooms. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the input so far everyone, it was a long day at work so no painting tonight. But I think I will try the dark brown shoes and hope they don't blend into the base too much.


Ub3r - I was thinking purple I just love it with green.

Minibart- light blue sounds good too though I may just have to try a light coat and so what I think.

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Oh very good start. I painted the mini myself, it is awesome to paint. Mine is also a illusionist :)


As for the shoes? Brown, yeah can't go wrong there. :)

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Thank you everyone for all the input and advice, I really appreciate it. I managed to squeeze in a bit of time to paint tonight. So I went with purple flames and brown shoes for now. The purple is shiny due to the gloss medium I accidentally grabbed for my final glaze, but in the end the dullcote with fix that.


Sorry for the cell phone pictures but its what works for me during WIP and quick, but he does look better in hand. I basecoated the wood on the staff and painted his little pouches. 


Next up deciding on how to paint the crystals, finishing the staff and painting his little details. Overall he is coming along I think.




Throw more advice my way, I love reading all the ideas.


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He looks better in hand?  Those quick cell pictures already look really good. If only he had more colorful shoes ...

Thanks Falstius. I may still revisit his shoes. My husband just said I should've painted them like wing tips as he is an illusionist so he would cast an illusion to make his footwear awesome obviously. ::D:

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