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Warlord Release

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Hi Folks this is my first post on the forums!


I really like the way that Warlord seems to be going, a high fantasy skirmish where damaging characters actually has some effect on them!

I have some questions though:

When will it be released? (also will it be available in the UK?)

What factions will there be?

Will there be a custom army generator?

Whats the magic system like? (easy to use, not too powerful etc)


All in all I can't wait for its release!

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I think sometime this coming winter. So about a year you could say. So far typical fractions like orcs, elves, humans, dwarves, undead, mercenary etc. Anything you want to play pretty much you can. I can't answer the rest, I haven't played my first game yet. ::(: Can't wait till I can.

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When will it be realeased. Winter, ntohing more specific yet.


Factions -


The Horde - the Orcs and all their minions.

The Dunemasters (Nefsokar) - Mummy Lords, followers of Sokar.

The Crusaders - Knights and Templars fighting for good.

The Reptus - Lizardmen, but a more advanced lizardman than you are used to. See the greens to see how cool these guys will be.

The Elves - Hey, their Elves, but like everything in Taltos, they're a bit edgy.

The Dwarves - A very clannish group of Dwarves and their fortress of Aizen Kharhl.

The Overlords - the Slave Lords of Craclaw. Evil and lust of all things rolled into a nasty package.

The Necropolis - the undead armies of the Vampire Lords.

The Darkspawn - The drow and their demons.

The Mercenaries - just what the name says. Taltos is a merc's paradise.



Custom Army Generator? I'm sure there will be Army Builder files.


Magic system. Awesome! Very balanced, as a lot of time was spent balancing it during the initial beta tests. Real easy to understand and use.


I hope those answer your questions. ::):

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Welcome aboard,Sir Champion! The best mvoe you can make is to download the Open Beta edition of Warlord right of the forum, then get out about a dozen figures and start trying things out. There are a lot of us on the board who have been playteasting since last spring, and still enjoy walking a new player through the system. Feel free to ask any questions....

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The last I read, there would not be a point system for creating your own custom figure. The figure would have to match up with an existing template.


For informal games, use common sense, and make sure everyone agrees with what is done. Looking at the existing lists should provide some guidance to what is balanced.


As an example, in demo games, I'm using the Crypt Bats as "generic heavy cavalry" with no stat changes. In home games, I use them as such, with the added SA "deflect", and charge 20 more points each. We'll see what happens when the official stats come out...

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I kinda like the idea of being able to create a custom army using special generic rules. This way Reper won't have to limit the game to just 10 or so armies. For example making a army of centaurs. You could select generic point and stats for "Mounted Archer" And a rat riding a giant rat with a bow would use the same generic stats as well. These rules would be more for like the play with friends and not tournaments.


just rambling on. :rolleyes:

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I'm wondering how much the game has changed since the Beta release and the playtesters (Black Lightnings??) have had a go at it. Is the download being updated or is it still in it's original form?


Also, any luck on convinving Reaper to make Warlord specific (read: flashy fancy) deck of cards? (I still get a soar stomach when I think about flipping over a 5 of Clubs... just breaks the mood somehow). :rolleyes:

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I agree 100% there needs to be a reaper deck. The playing cards breaks the mood, I feel like Im in a casino. If youd like however to get a cool fantasy feel, pick up a deck of tarot cards, like Lord of the Rings Tarot, or the Dragon Tarot, they are cheap fantasy novelty decks (although some claim otherwise) they keep the mood a little better.



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